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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Published by cck at 10:46 AM

Let's see - where was I? Ranting against Republicans? Lamenting over my loneliness? Discussing the newest wedges I had purchased?
Ahhh, yes....

Well, hi folks. I'm back, sort of. I suppose you could say "I'm Bouncy," which is quickly becoming my favorite Kelis song, like, ever. I know, "Milkshake" was a classic - I'm right there with you on that one, but I really like the lyric, "I'm the one that's tatooed on his arm." It hits me right (where?) there.
Regardless of how truly bouncy I am, I will say that I'm resiliant. It's been a few days shy of three months and my life has completely (I will say it again for emphasis, completely) changed.
For instance, I no longer live in the Palmetto State. While I refuse to give up my South Carolina heritage and identity (yes, there's an orange on my lisence plate - well, there will be when I get rid of the I-have-a-new-car-paper-tag - and a garnet palmetto tree on the back window of my car), I am no longer a real South Carolinian. I'm a Floridian. I register to vote by party.

Now, let me tell you - that was pretty cool. Like, everyone pretty much knows that I'm a Democrat, right? I might as well have it tattooed on my forehead. (As I type this I'm wearing a Charlie Crist for Governor Tshirt, but that's solely because I have not unpacked or done laundry and I disdain the thought of nakedness at nearly 11 am in the morning). I mean, I was the Third Vice Chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party. Helloooooo? I'm a Democrat.
But, it is so cool to have the fact that I'm a Democrat on my voter registration. I don't need to pay money to some fooey Yellow Dog club (more on that later), I am a sanctioned, registered Democrat according to the state of Florida. HOW FREAKIN' COOL is that?