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Friday, December 25, 2009

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Published by cck at 8:56 PM

Merry Christmas, all! I hope you were surprised, stuffed and fully satiated. Clearly rockin' my onesie (ridiculously cute, thank you Target!)

I'm enjoying some Grown-Up Chocolate Milk (courtesy of a DC trip with MSS) and watching Hotel Babylon on netflix. It's awesome. The best present of the day? A call from my Aunties this evening, cooing over my Christmas paper crafts. A close second? This guy.

My afternoon consisted of eating a ham sandwich and an IMAX 3D viewing of Avatar. Both were amazing.

I hope your weekend continues as pleasantly as mine will be...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

a moment

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Not-quite-white Christmas

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For the last three years I have spent the holidays with my in-laws. Christmas not three minutes from the Gulf of Mexico is different. I know I write about it each year -- the warm weather takes some getting used to. The first year, I packed clothes for Christmas Eve Candlelight Service -- a wool skirt and tights. Normal, right?

Not when it's 72 degrees.

This year I will be in staying in Tallahassee for Christmas. And y'all -- while the snow is not 24 inches deep - it's cold here. Cold like I have to wear socks - which I never do. There's an extra blanket on my bed and the heat is definitely on.

And it feels like Christmas. Like Christmases from before 2006. All I need is a sleigh bell wreath and it is on.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Family Stone

Published by cck at 8:10 AM

Thanks to my Netflix membership, I've been enjoying Christmas movies up the yin yang. We're talking about back-to-back Holiday Inn and White Christmas features, which by the way, I don't recommend. I adore both, but they were shot using the same set, so it's a little strange.

Love Actually had it's moment, as did Meet Me in St. Louis. And now folks, we're on to The Family Stone. (man, is IMDB convenient!) I love The Family Stone. I remember how it was billed as this raucous comedy, when really it's a sweet family love story. Not romantic love, family love.

There's a scene where one of the daughters joins her napping mother. Each time I watch it, I swell with the memory of taking naps with my mom. I can remember the feel of the quilt on her bed, the softness of her pillow and the comfort and safety of those moments. Even though I know I'll never take another nap with my mother - and it's sort of sad - I love how a movie can take me back so viscerally.

That's why I love Christmas movies. You watch them every year, surrounded by familiar objects (my coral painted santa, three wise men and snow babies have been around forever). It smells the same - like evergreen and chocolate chip cookies baking.

And the best part about watching the same movies, over and over, year after year? While the movies don't change - Bing still croons and the Haynes Sisters still dance - you do. Each year, I'm older and supposedly wiser and I bring a whole year's worth of experiences, mistakes, expectations and growth to the tradition.

I know - after this hellacious year - I'm getting something out of this. Mainly comfort, but maybe next year (c'mon 2010) I'll get something even better. Whew, I knew I could make this post end with an optimistic slant.

ps. "You have the freak flag, Meredith, you just don't fly it." - The Family Stone

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Coupons & Discounts.

Published by cck at 6:59 AM

I'm a bargain shopper, always have been. I adore a sales tag, a 20% discount, offers of free shipping. Give me a print-out coupon and I am one happy girl. Considering my limited financial situation as of late (NO, NOT CAUSED BY THE DAMN ECONOMY, THANKYOUVERYMUCH MIL), I have been cruising for discounts more than often.

Thought I'd share - as you may also be looking for an elusive 25% discount code for an online boutique or maybe just a way to save $20 bucks at Publix next week. Let's talk shopping first - Retail Me Not ( I'm so thankful to these folks. The site compiles discounts, promo codes and coupons in one spot. Enter in a store - say Talbot's - and find coupons that range from 25% discounts to free shipping.

And the other not-so-secret secret? Groceries. Prior to Southern Savers (, I was spending more than $100 a week on groceries. Now - oh my friends, we're talking about $100 every two weeks. Yes, that's right - I said TWO WEEKS. I have yet to buy ramen. Southern Savers succinctly and easily lays out a store's weekly sales flier and matches items with printable coupons. I'll admit, it takes more time to plan out the menus, etc -- but the savings are worth it.

Do you have any sites that help you save money? C'mon share - it'll feel good.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Morgan F'in Freeman

Published by cck at 11:50 AM

First, I apologize -- I totally should have used profanity. But I'm trying to be a better person and I'm starting with the small things. Second, MFF - or as I like to say: Morgan F'in Freeman, it sort of means a harebrained, pie-in-the-sky idea. Usually a stupid one.

This week started off well - beautiful weather, a decorated Christmas tree, productive work creativity. And then - then I ate a Bagel Bagel salad and it all changed. DAMN YOU ROMAINE! Within a few hours I giving my tummy a pep talk as it released the "toxins." Oh sweet Jesu, I was sick. Violently sick. I lost a whole day sick.

Then K. gets sick - not as bad - but sick all the same. And that means we were battling for access to our pre-war bungalow's one bathroom and drawing straws for gatorade runs. And all of a sudden, it's Morgan F'in Freeman all up in here.

I would have cried, but I had no tears. Go ahead, you feel sorry for me. It's okay. I feel sorry for me too. So, I'll leave you with my Tummy Pep Talk (soon to be patented - and/or laughed at).

Go on Tummy
You can do it!
Get rid of toxins,
Throw up what you need too -
Be strong Tummy!

(okay, so I'll admit it's not very good, but it helped when K. wouldn't sing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer)