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Monday, June 30, 2008

Visa Olympics

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Have y'all been seeing these?

I remember watching the Olympics for the first time. Eating a hot dog off of a small orange plastic plate. I remember the thrill of it all. And now, with all the China political stuff and the environment concerns -- it all falls to the side. I'm actually excited about the Olympics. Who knew?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Other thoughts on Disney

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We were riding Splash Mountain and I was becoming completely irrational. It's so HIGH! We're going to DIE! It was my first Disney "big thrill" ride and I had no idea what to expect. I thought all the little kids on the ride should jump out, cling to Br'er Rabbit and hope for the best.

Meanwhile, a father and his young son sat behind us. The dad used every turn as a subtle lesson. Did you see that? What does that mean? Do you remember when...? I was so impressed. Here, in the middle of the Happiest Place on Earth, was this Dad engaging in active learning with his ten year old.

I can only hope to have that much patience someday.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Disney: My First Love

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I cannot believe how fantastic, magical and fun my first time to Disney World was. It was perfect. Ridiculously romantic. It really is the happiest place on earth.

Okay, so let's start out by discussing a particularly grueling work week. Chris and I have both been traveling more for work - and as much as I enjoy heading to Jacksonville, three days worth of Florida's First Coast had me longing to be anywhere but. I rented a car in JAX and headed to Orlando early on Friday afternoon. K. picked me up after I dropped off the rental and we headed to the BVP.

We stayed in a resort that I had worked with while at Zimmerman - lovely place. When we arrived at our room, there was champagne and some sort of dip that was just outrageous and I realized I was really in for a fantastic weekend. Damn, K. pulled out all the stops.

Instead of heading out on Friday night, we had room service and went to bed early. Of course, I - like an excited five year old - could not sleep. It took a cocktail and a benadryl before I settled down. We were up early, ate a protein-packed breakfast, and boarded the bus to take us to the park. The Buena Vista Palace is on property, but still about ten minutes from the park.

When we picked up our tickets at Will Call, I got a First-Timer button and K. became an honorary citizen of Walt Disney World. We took the ferry over and when I stepped off the boat, I was in awe. It was amazing.

I'm trying to figure out why I thought it was so amazing. Magic Kingdom is gentle in its beauty - I felt like a kid, like a newlywed. It was special - every detail just so. In an effort to be spontaneous, I eschewed my list of first and second tier rides and Chris and I just traveled around the park. Everything I wanted to do - he made it happen. I am so glad that I got to experience Disney with my husband. Instead of feeling slighted that I never made it as a kid, I think I'm lucky I got to do it with my husband.

We rode all the good rides - and didn't wait hardly at all. I loved the Jungle Cruise - one of K.'s favorites. I loved seeing Swiss Family Robinson tree house -- I remembered watching the movie with my brother and wishing I could be Roberta. Everything lived up to my expectations. My favorite ride, hands down, was Peter Pan. I cooed the whole ride. Space Mountain was fantastic -- I could not believe it! Hall of Presidents was really neat too -- as was the Carousel of Progress. It rained all afternoon and it didn't even phase us!

It was an amazing day. We stayed till about five and then headed back to the hotel for dry clothes and a shower. And, um, a short nap. (We're old). I had wanted to check out Epcot, but it closed early on Saturday. With K.'s assurance that we'll come back for the Food & Wine festival in the fall, I agreed to instead check out Pleasure Island. It was so cool!

We had a fantastic dinner in Downtown Disney - the Portobello Yacht Club was really quite good. Great staff. And then we headed to the Adventures Club (Kungaloosh!). It is an understatement to say that Chris fit right in. Hysterical waspy-ness. We did go to three dance clubs too... But let's face it, eccentricity is much more our style than a revolving dance floor. We ended up closing it down.

What a weekend. What an incredible weekend. Chris said it was just great to see my face light up the whole day. I watched parents corral cranky children; I have huge respect for the parents. I watched little kids just explode with happiness when they saw Mickey or Belle. I cannot wait to go again. I cannot wait to go with my children. I wish I had something original or unique to say... Last night I dreamt I was floating over the Peter Pan ride. I love the memories I made there. Chris, thank you for bringing me to Disney - finally!

No. Just no.

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I make a monthly trip to the Fresh Market. If I had my druthers, I would shop there weekly. Chris and I would eat beautiful meals - the diversity on our plate would be show-stopping. But, then I remember that I live around the corner from budget-friendly Publix. Needless to say, Publix usually wins.

So, a few weeks ago - I believe it was my May trip... I found this. Vosges Mo's Bacon Bar. It's chocolate. It's bacon. IT'S TOO MUCH.

Y'all, I love chocolate and I love bacon -- but the two together? Milk chocolate and applewood smoked bacon? No, no and no.

Why would you eat this? I considered that it might find purpose in a chili recipe? But really? I just don't like it.

Monday, June 16, 2008


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My elementary school song was to the tune of "It's a small world everywhere." Most of my friends at that point had heard the original. In Disney World. However, I am twenty-seven and have never been to the Magical Kingdom.

Now that I have lived in Florida for almost two years, I've been lobbying to go to Disney. AND NOW? My persistence is paying off. I am heading to the Magical Kingdom this weekend. I have no idea how I'm going to get through the week.

When K. surprised me yesterday, I yelped like a little kid. I cannot wait!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday!

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It's late, but whatever.

What? Me obsess much?

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Ha ha ha.

The hubby and I traveled to Tampa this weekend to witness two fantastic people wed. It was a lovely event - and so good to see friends. I met some of K.'s old friends that I had not met during the previous two football seasons and OMG I might try to run away with Silah.

I totally obsessed over this wedding. I have absolutely no idea why. EVERY DETAIL required a committee of approval. I had a ball. One of my favorite moments - "I can't help but get emotional at weddings. We met at a wedding. We got married at a wedding." I forgave his sentimentality due to the five gin & tonics that came before the statement.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Don't Stop Believin'

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1) Beth - thank you. You have renewed my personal faith in blogging. Virtual high five!
2) Smoothies can be good. Do not underestimate the power of a frozen banana.
3) Husbands will do the dishes. Remember The Promise.
4) And me? Well I counted and I've got five vacations this summer. It's like the summer I've always dreamed about. And one of those vacations - I'm going to see Journey. And I cannot wait.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Excitement of a Sunday

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Our Sundays are usually slothful. We are above and beyond lazy. We are ambitious in our laziness. One takes the bed and the other a comfortable chair and we dally between good books and bad Sunday TV.

We celebrate the weekend with a weekly Bagel Date. Started when both of our jobs pulled us in every direction but toward each other we met for a weekend Bagel Date. Yes, I can see that you would think this was sad - but really, you just don't understand the beauty of a salmon bagel and a giant diet coke on a Saturday morning.

We missed it on Saturday, so this morning I ran out to procure the bagels, coffee and a paper. I got in K.'s car -- mine need gas - and was immediately disgusted by the messiness of his car. It seemed very odd that he went through his glove compartment and threw things about, but then again K.'s an odd dude.

By the time I returned with hot coffee and bagels, the feeling that something was wrong kept growing. Where was his Tom-Tom? His iPod? When I got home I asked him if he was looking for something in his car last night. Yeah, he wasn't. We got robbed.

His car, my car and our neighbor's car. And considering the call from the officer I just received, apparently a few more down the road. Damn it to hell. Far more excitement than a normal Sunday. Hope you're happy with our iPods you loser. (I'm pretty sure he doesn't read my blog. Yes, I know. Thanks.)