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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Published by cck at 9:23 PM

Sorry... I realize it's been a month. Damn, I cannot believe it has been a month.

It's been busy in our household - a whole slew of things going on: um... we were both sick with the death. And it was gross. We both got better and then it descended on our house again and wrapped its fingers tight around our throats until we were both hacking and miserable. Oh, the joys of being sick together.

I traveled a bunch and K. had the start of Session and that is not nearly as interesting as it doesn't sound.

I also endured one more round of "I hate the first year of marriage." We're about six weeks out from being married a year and I cannot wait to have this year behind us.

Let's see -- Crazy reared her head this past week. And for about a half-second I considered testing the waters. However, as I have learned time and time again -- that's a futile test. So, it was rather neat that I got through two emails -- and several attached songs - without so much as a tear. All I heard was crazy.

That's about it right now.