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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I promise, I'm not going to *buy* anything...

Published by cck at 8:18 PM

I have a lot of travel coming up in the next few weeks. As in, almost every weekend. So, I'm gearing myself up for my nomadic summer with the thought of being exposed to gorgeous things.

Now, I'm not planning on purchasing anything - really. But, sometimes, it's just lovely to walk around and see things in person that you covet online or in a catalog. I promise, I will never take retail for granted again.

So: here's a brief list of non-cultural places I'd like to visit:
- Paper Source
- Kate Spade
- Crate & Barrel
- Ikea
- Penzey's
- this is so not a complete list.

I did not turn.

Published by cck at 12:38 PM

A room full of Republicans can't sway me. No sirree.

I survived it - and actually had a good time. Once we got past the bad jokes and my initial awkwardness, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

And don't worry - I didn't drink the kool-aid.