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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

dresses (final)

Published by cck at 6:45 PM

So - are you as bored about all this dress talk as I am?  Wait, who am I kidding?  I love talking about dresses.  I do.  I just do.

I finally made some decisions.  I purchased a rehearsal dress and a dress for the various weddings we have in September.  And I'm tickled by my choices.  Well, I actually want a different dress for late September.  I've been coveting a one-shoulder look.  Perhaps it's too much of The Rachel Zoe Project -- I die.

So, remember when I was whining about you, the internets, holidng out on me.  I found something fabulous --  Somewhere in China, your dress will be made based on your specs, your color and fabric choices.  Shut your mouth!  It takes about two weeks, which means I will be cutting it close for the next shindig, but oh man -- will it be worth it (or maybe this one, or this one).  And, did I mention the prices?  Swoon.

This weekend, I'll get to see an old friend get married to her perfect partner.  It's amazing how these two get through the things life throws at them.  And, they've asked me to be a reader - which is incredibly sweet.  What does one wear when they want to look classy and pretty, but not in any way boobalicious?

Obvs.  Thank you, Nordstrom.  You save the day again!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


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Yes, it's one of the seven deadly sins.  I get that.  But every once in a while - I just love seeing it. I was reading The Pioneer Woman today on my google reader (srsly, what did I do before google reader?  I know not).  She was writing about a rodeo competition her husband and family participated in -- did I ever tell you about the only rodeo I went to?  A clod of mud landed in my mom's coffee cup and it was hysterical.

Anyway, pride in one's family - it's lovely to see once in a while.  And while no one in my family is riding in a rodeo anytime soon, I am incredibly proud of K.  (No, I don't know about Bar results yet).

He worked on a local political campaign.  The candidate - in my words - was inexperienced, moody and pretentious.  He was also the best option to unseat a very popular incumbent.  Despite raising more money and having served for several terms, the incumbent only won by 1.4%.  Pathetic.  Lots more pathetic than K.'s candidate.

It was K.'s first campaign as paid staff - a fact I like to harp on whenever possible.    And he rocked it.  He worked hard and took it like a gentleman when the final results rolled in.  I hate the words, "mathematically impossible."

I'm proud of my husband.  There it is. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Election Day!

Published by cck at 9:13 PM

Floridians will flock to the polls tomorrow to vote in primary and local elections.  One of my favorite people told me that voting was akin to taking communion.  It's important; it's ritual.

And this August 24th, I won't be voting.  Don't worry - I already voted...  for the first time I voted by absentee ballot.  And it was weird.  I missed the whole rigmarole of casting my vote.  I did love all the political mailers I got - I felt seriously popular.  Each day my mailbox was filled with full color, full bleed hope.

Yes, Ms. Dozier I am voting for you.  No, Ms. Headley-Purdue, I do not equate a vote for you with honoring WWII vets.  Yes, Mr. Minor, I thought your full page cash cow was impressive.  And I voted for you, too.  The Hons Aronberg and Gelber, I feel slighted that I didn't get one piece of mail.  Maybe you knew I  was all about Senator Dave?

I love the business behind elections, I love the dreams of candidates, I love every volunteer who wakes up early to wave signs on a street corner.  I have a dog in the fight this year - K. has been working for the Steve Stewart for Mayor campaign.  And, because of it - I took local politics a lot more seriously.

There's not a Democratic way to take out the garbage and there's not a Republican way to lower utility rates.  (I mean, other than the best way is usually the Democratic way).  (Heh).  I wish everyone luck tomorrow.  I hope the folks I believe in get the nod.  I hope the rain stays away.  And I hope everyone enjoys their communion with government.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wedding Dresses 2.0

Published by cck at 1:30 PM

I have still not found a dress.  This could become epic.  Of course, I have yet to step one little (/waterski) foot into a store that actually sells dresses.  It's the downfall of having an online shopping addiction.

Well, that and a desire NOT to pay for overnight shipping.  So, I know people are out there.  Where do y'all shop?  Seriously - I feel like I'm overlooking something that could be perfect. 

Mrs. Complaint

Published by cck at 1:14 PM

If I wasn't complaining about something, I would probably stop breathing.  That could be an exaggeration for blogging purposes.  I do like to complain.  My diet-coke-with-light-ice has too much ice.  My diet-coke-with-light-ice doesn't have enough.  I'm equal opportunity about the side of the quarter or the water in the glass.

I've got to do something about that.  Maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dresses for Weddings

Published by cck at 8:46 PM

I've got two weddings coming up in September.  And there's one thing I like more than browsing Crate & Barrel wedding registries...  buying a new dress for the occasion.

I will not be purchasing five new dresses in the next few weeks though (1 luncheon, 2 rehearsal dinners, 2 wedding receptions).  I already have the luncheon dress, which I once wore to cross a political divide.  But the other two?

Luckily, both events are at the same time, with about the same formality level.  So, I've sort of narrowed them down:

I don't wear orange. It's a hard and fast rule -- but I like it for a rehearsal dinner. It seems casual, but still a little dressy. The Melissa Masse sort-of-zebra-print is a favorite. The back of it is very cool (see here), but is it a little too much?  The Katy Perry look-alike strapless number is super cute, but might be super cute on me minus 50 lbs.  The navy strapless dress could be stunning and is good for evening weddings.  Also - all of them, the ones from Nordstrom and Saks to the one from Macys, are all under $150. 

And why do I worry about this in such detail?  Because it's Sunday night after a completely relaxing weekend and I'm not willing to mentally prepare for Monday.  And why not go on a little online window shopping?  Don't get me started on shoes.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


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A hundred years ago (B.C.), I had a friend named Morgan. She was clever, smart and I coveted her hair color. She wanted to be a runner. And, um, so did I. She researched and I went along with it and we'd run in West Columbia along the river.

It was great. We used the Couch to 5K program (available online). Towards the end, it was a little difficult to keep up with Morgan. She was a much better runner than I was. I was saved by the oh-so-popular Whistle Song more times than one.

Even though I ran slow, sounded like a herd of elephants and panted more than a Pamela Anderson sex tape -- I loved the fact that I was running. I was one of those cool people who ran after work (we tried the whole before work thing and it didn't quite work).

I miss it. And so, I'm going to move my beastly form and try to run again. That's right people -- if you hear a herd of elephants around midtown, don't worry: it's just me.

Monday, August 09, 2010


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Oh. Holy. Shitake.

We have cable. And - please knock on wood - we're not paying for it. I have no idea what happened. All of a sudden, I turned on the television while cleaning and WHOA. We're talking Bravo, AMC and TNT. I can't believe it.

I feel - and yes, I'm embarrassed to admit it - connected to the world again. I caught up on Bethenny, Real Housewives of NJ and DC.  I watched Mad Men.  It was fantastic.

Dear Cable: don't ever leave me!