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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Clocks & Candy.

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Oh, and I discovered this over the weekend (and I thought I was the only one until my Grami and I discussed it. I suppose we're the only two people who were watching the Today Show early on Sunday morning).... I found out that next year Daylight-Turn-the-Clocks-to-Mess-with-Chrissy's-Mind will occur the first Sunday in November -- a little bit later than this year.

Last year legislators messed with timing due to the pressure from the golf lobby. Apparently, golf made $400 million by extending Daylight Savings by a week. So this year the candy lobby got in on it and decided that kids would be able to trick-or-treat longer if there was more daylight. Makes sense to me. Although, I kind of think the dental lobby was in on this decision as well.

Oh, and all that stuff I wrote below about legislators being stewards of our future -- um, yeah.

As it gets closer, it gets tighter.

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The election went from Republicans having a double digit lead to a statistical dead heat in Florida. I'm headed over to vote tomorrow. I'm voting early, not only because I can, but because then I can have longer to wonder if I did the right thing.

I have never in my life voted for a Republican. Because of that, I have rarely voted for a public official who is actually in office. My intention, nonetheless, is not to start voting for Republicans. As November 7th looms before me, I wonder how smart of a policy that is. For the first time in my life, part of my life is dependent on how well the Republicans do this cycle. Since I am no longer alone, no longer responsible for just me - I have to weigh the options that are in front of me. Hmpf. I'm sure some of you (read: the folks who still visit from the SCDP) saw it as a matter of time. Hah. Chrissy was such a Democrat until... She was easily swayed, easily turned, easily manipulated.

There was a time, my senior year of college to be specific, when I took some time off from politics. For so long, the thought of red vs. blue consumed me. It wasn't healthy - I needed some perspective. The thing is, I keep coming back to my truth -- politics is really that important. It's big picture stuff. Does it matter if the House turns blue or if the Republicans keep the Senate? Not really.

What matters is whether or not this nation manages to come up with a policy to either remove our soldiers from a dangerous no-win situation (my personal choice) or enable them to do their job and outfit them while they do it.

It does matter whether we protect the ideal of social security - it does matter if prescription drug prices come down - it does matter if we find a way to ensure the health of our nation - it does matter if roads get repaved and if teachers get raises and if Johnny gets adopted or put in foster care... It all matters - the day to day to day to day stuff of America does matter. Like it or not the men and women we elect are the ones that manage that stuff.

I used to think that those men and women were so special, more special than other folks. They are special -- special in the way that they are taking on a great responsibility. They're taking on the responsibility of us. The good ones know the power and responsibility they are molding. The good ones know that our given trust in their ability to make decisions and see the big picture is often overwhelming, but they pursue the solutions that help our nation continue on the day to day to day to day stuff. The good ones are both Democrats and Republicans.

So, am I going to vote for Charlie Crist? I have a man who sleeps next to me every night that would very much like for that to be the case. Am I going to vote for Jim Davis? I am going to vote for Skip Campbell and Alex Sink and Bill Nelson. But, I'll be real honest, the big one's still up for grabs.

Because I can.

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Monday, October 30, 2006


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Is it just me (probably), but is anyone else having problems with the Food Network? Too many times (too many times I tell you!) I will travel on over to visit and it simple won't work. And other times, it works just fine. It's bad (oooh, it's bad) when I am in the middle of copying down a recipe and it stops working. That's when I start to get really frustrated.

It's not my internets - they seem to be working fine. I am perplexed by this problem. As well, it's quite difficult for a girl who has trouble cooking to be without her online bible. How am I supposed to plan?!?!

Egads, it's Monday.

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Hi y'all.

It was a gorgeous weekend. Save for the back to back losses that our football teams inflicted on our household. Florida State lost to Maryland while at College Park - and, I just swear, I might wear a Fire Jeff T-shirt at next week's game. And my dear alma mater -- OH CAROLINA! You were so close. So darn close to telling those foolish Tennessee Orange people to go back to the hills.

We were very domestic in Tallahassee. We cleaned up the house, did mountains of laundry that had accumulated despite my best efforts, cooked and drank entirely too much (bad) wine. Worked on some wedding stuff, found our honeymoon location and played with the puppy. My future in-laws will be here next weekend for FSU Parent's Weekend. 'Scuse my OCD nature, but the place must be spotless.

I found an unopened Christmas present from last year that will be perfect for Halloween. It's a shower curtain. Yeah, yeah you're thinking: Whoop-de-doo. It's a shower curtain from Psycho -- it's white, with the outline of the mom and the knife. It's fabulous. And we're going to be super tacky and hang it inside the front window. Mwahahahhahahaa. There are some kids around, so I suppose I need to procure some candy. And carve the pumpkin.

I know the election is next week - and there are some really fascinating things going on right now. Issues that need to be discussed and problems that need to be solved. I think I might write about those later. After all, tomorrow is another day.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dirty, dirty, dirty.

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Election Day is a couple of weeks away. And surprise surprise, Republicans are going positively nasty. Big Shock. Going Negative - it's the New White Meat.

Was it a few days ago the big debacle of the Republican Party of Tennessee when they ran an ad against Harold Ford, Jr? Dude, that was nasty. I mean - yes, slightly amusing. But, like, amusing in the same way a co-worker tells a bad joke and you know you're not supposed to laugh, but you do anyway -- it was that kind of funny. And the thing is, I hold my elected officials to a higher level - I expect them to be honest and fair AND have a sense of humor. It can be done, I'm positive it can be done -- look at the South Carolina Bubba ads.

However, my dearest friend in 'Bama alerted me to this gem in Wisconsin. Sinister, I tell ya, sinister. Damn.

C'mon Repubs, can't you do better?


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I have a sinus infection. Just in case you wanted to know.
I don't feel well.
I am whiny, more so than usual. Just a warning.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


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Okay, all you readers out there. I'm intrigued... We're headed north at some point in our lives and want to stop in Atlanta to visit IKEA. [Notice I said travel north... to Atlanta?!?]

Having never lived with a man before, I had no idea that a bigger bed is a general necessity. It's not as much that I need to hide from his snores - but more so because I have a nasty habit of punching him in the middle of the night. Who knew I was so violent? I claim that I'm simply defending my part of the blanket. Whatev & Regardless --> We need a new bed.

So, as I'm balancing our checkbook - between wedding deposits and wedding deposits, I realized we don't have a lot of extra cash. We're not quite "flush" as my grandmother would say. I thought of IKEA for a bed. We figured we could pick one out in the ATL and bring it home. Who cares about WWIII that will inevitably erupt when the Fiance and I try to make a bed... with tools. It'll be fun, right?

Okay, so my long, drawn out question is... Has anyone really shopped there? I visited once with the brother while in DC, but didn't buy anything big. I know you get what you pay for - but then again, I'm really not sold on the stuff at Rooms To Go (and I swear, the girl in their commercials is far more annoying than the Gaffney Carpet Girl). What do y'all think?

Proof Enough.

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I suppose I really am a Floridian now.
I've been removed from Faithinthesound -- as I am no longer a South Carolina blogger. That or my wedding posts have caused Will Folks' brain to explode.

It's weird - to move to a whole new place. Back in 2003, when I moved to Oxford, Mississippi to attend Ole Miss it was weird. In the northern region of Mississippi, I was just a little bit not southern enough. ME! I also wasn't used to a town without a Target. I used to drive just short of Memphis in order to see the giant red bulls-eye sign. Nonetheless, when KatieCali told me she was going out with an old classmate of mine in Jackson tonight - I felt homesick. They're headed to Old Venice, which was a popular more-than-a-pizza-joint on the Square. Apparently, there's one in Jackson too. I only spent about nine months in Oxford, and yet I can still remember my favorite place to go for green tomatoes or new shoes.

So, like, now I'm no longer a South Carolinian. I still feel like one. I think that's the beauty of "home." No matter where you decide to make your home when you grow up, the place that you did grow up still sticks to you. No matter how many places you've called home, all of them help to make you who you are... and who you are supposed to be. I can taste fall in Greenville - the leaves and the apples and the pumpkins and the crisp breeze, not to mention the overwhelming number of negative political ads on television.

Tonight, while I flip through IKEA pages to get ideas of how we can furnish our house, I realize how very lucky I am. And, y'know - even though I miss seeing the Palmetto Tree on nearly every car and SUV I pass on the highway, I can totally get used to seeing the wide variety of palm trees that line nearly every street upon which I do drive.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm like so copying Laurin (Florida Goobernatorial Debate)

Published by cck at 7:48 PM

Tonight is the Goobernatorial Debate in Florida. We're camped out on the couch, two glasses of red jug wine and we just finished leftover Sunday Gravy. Me = Happy Girl.

In full disclosure, I'm voting for Jim Davis. I am a Democrat, after all. More so, I honestly believe that the Congressman from Tampa will do a better job running this state. However, Florida's issues are still new to me -- sugar, homestead exemptions and insurance rivalries stump me a lil' bit. Plus, this state allows changes to the Constitution to reflect any whim of any special interest. Ballot issues are overwhelming for the most astute voter, let alone little ole me.

Aiight, here we go:
Charlie looks good - dang, he's really tan. Oooh, both of them wore bright red ties. Interesting. JimD looks nervous.

What? Free/Fair Laborers in the street? I'm confused. (Not surprising). Good opening JimD.
Is it just me or does Charlie's suit look a little too big? (CGK's interjection: "Brooks Brothers").

FCAT -- Yeah, I think there should be a test. I really do - I've been advocating standards since I learned that Alaska allows kids to graduate from middle school with a math standard of "using math with confidence." However, I really think part of it has to do with teachers. Wait, just about all of it has to do with teachers. It's scary, I can imagine, as a parent, to realize that your child spends more time with their teachers than they do with you. Teachers need more money. Period.

Of course, $$$ is the big issue. C'mon people - the folks that are educating your kids need more money. I'm not advocating throwing money around, instead investing in our future. And, like, really - that's not rhetoric. It's true. Charlie, how are you going to do that??? True leadership?

Intangibles tax? Ahhh, the Seniors would have heart attacks. "Why you gonna tax mya pension?"

"You can't govern from an empty chair." Dang. Referring to an Empty Chair Ad (look here under Media Videos) -- Charlie just made a huge connection to his media buys. Good move.

Government's Governor vs. People's Governor -- Hmmm, well. I hate to make a comment similar to the one I made while appealing an election at USC. But, well - I'm not sure I want a Governor who doesn't work WITH government. I think I've had experience with that in SC.

Drugs. Especially in this state are important - we've got a lot of old people. And a lot of people in general. Drugs shouldn't be as expensive as they are and both candidates have a plan to combat insurance companies.

Wait, is Charlie saying Jim Davis hates Black People? What?

Okay, that's just about all of that I can stand. Wait, Florida grows by 1200 people EVERY DAY? Seriously -- that is a damn lot of people. Yeah, yeah - this is a glorious place to be. Heck, it doesn't have income tax. I love that.

Aiight, I'm done. They're both goobers.

Monday, October 23, 2006

A Week O' Debates

Published by cck at 1:57 PM

Tonight: our household television will be turned to watch how the mighty have fallen. And, by that, I mean Ms. Harris. I cannot wait to see how Senator Nelson debates circles around the crazy Republican nominee.

As well, I will be watching Studio 60. I really like the show - it's clever. Ish. Anyway, Kramps wins that bet. I heard through Facebook (yes, I'm old and I still am addicted) that it's off the air next week. I'm crushed. At least I have Hereos to see me through.

Tomorrow, we see our two goobernatorial wannabes battle it out. Should be interesting. They were both the guys with flair, not substance in their respective primary debates. I wonder if a concrete idea or plan will be put forth.

Plus, we've got a real governor's debate in the Palmetto State.

Sigh - it'll be a good week.

I hate to say it, FSU...

Published by cck at 1:54 PM

But, I told you so.

BlackOut -- not such a good idea, was it?

However, the flag at the Gate of Tail. That, that, was awesome.

Wedding Rings.

Published by cck at 9:19 AM

I would like to say that I am more sensitive to wedding ringage in the media because I am in the market for one. My fiance got off easy. When he bought the engagement ring, he also purchased the wedding ring. DONE!

Me - on the other hand (heh!) - have to go searching for something that he would feel comfortable wearing every day of his life. And no, darling, it cannot be clear or flesh colored. At first, he wanted a gold ring. Okay, no problem - except for the fact that my rings are platinum. I'm pretty sure I'd like my husband to look like he's married to me.

Last night, while watching Housewives, we saw a Nivea commercial advertising the benefits of smooth skin. Evidently, if I use their product, I will not only receive loving glances from my partner - I will also fall into bed with him at any given moment. Oh, and I will totally be 120 pounds. The man in said commercial was married. The short spot featured his wedding ring at least ten times. Hers - not so much. So, as women - do we want our men to be married?

Friday, October 20, 2006

On the upcoming BlackOut.

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Now that I am a Florida State fan (and God knows I should be due to the amount of money that we owe that school)... Ahem. Now that I am a Florida State fan I look forward to Saturday and Gameday almost as much as I did when I lived in Columbia.

And, I am really pumped about the Boston College game. I think we (ahem, FSU) has a good chance of showing off what makes them powerful as the Seminoles. However, this whole Black Out idea is not that great of an idea.

Perhaps it's because I remember Chris Odom and his viral message for a Black Out at USC. Um, big mistake. We were playing Florida -- it was on GameDay. Was it Spurrier who actually said that wearing all black made the ball easier to see?

I really hope the Noles can pull it out. Oh, and y'all -- say a prayer for me. I have to go to a Noles for Crist tailgate with the fiance. DEAR LORD!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I like the South.

Published by cck at 11:07 AM

And, like, I know Florida is not Southern. They try -- man, do they try. But we all know that this place is not the South.

But, if you are like me -- and you like hearing about Lucy & Mark & all the other good Democratic candidates across the South - from South Carolina to Mississippi.... maybe you'd like a little Florida sprinkled on your Palmetto Flakes too.

If so, Sayfie Review is for you. The political climate is truly different from South Carolina... But, since this is where I live and stuff -- y'know, the place where I plan to raise those children I eventually plan to have... I suppose I should start writing about their stuff too.

How long till the stuff of Florida becomes my stuff too?

USC SG ahead of the curve.

Published by cck at 8:59 AM

Way back a hundred years ago, when I was a Student Government Dork at the University of South Carolina, I helped a couple different candidates run for office. I also ran myself a couple of times. I liked being an elected official - even if it was only known to four other equally dorky people in Gambrell Hall.

There were rules to running -- and one of the rules was that University listserves could not be used for campaigning purposes. And it was strict. I wonder if the State of Florida should take an exploratory mission to Columbia and the RoHo.

Apparently, the State Department sent an email to overseas absentee voters in the 16th District alerting them of that while the voter would be casting a ballot for Foley, their vote would go to Negron. (Read the story from the Miami Herald here).

Um, what? No sir. No ma'am. What is Florida thinking? Why do the overseas voters (which includes military and non-military folks) get a primer? I realize few people inside the Western Hemisphere have been able to escape the Foley Drama as the scandal that Almost-Brought-Down-the-Republican-Party. And, I sort of doubt that anyone outside of the Western Hemisphere is completely clueless.

More than that, why do people who do not live within the borders of this state get a primer on who to vote for? Did they send an email to all the folks out of state as well? I mean, they might not have had the fantabulous coverage that the good people of Palm Beach received.

I think this smacks all the people in the 16th in the face. Furthermore, it elevates one set of voters over another.

Perhaps that's jumping the gun

Published by cck at 8:55 AM

Just a lil' bit.

I realize Charlie is six hundred thousand four hundred ninety eight points ahead of his Democratic challenger, Jim Davis. But perhaps the Pinellas County GOP Chair is a little bit ahead of the game -- booking rooms for January's inauguration in Tallahassee.

On the other hand, it's a durn good free press stunt.

Crist supporters book rooms

By WILL VAN SANT, Times Staff Writer
Published October 18, 2006

PINELLAS GOP READY TO PARTY: With their man Charlie Crist awash in donations and continually besting Democrat Jim Davis in the polls, the Pinellas Republican Party is already planning the inauguration bash. Party chairman Tony DiMatteo has booked 50 rooms at the Holiday Inn Select in Tallahassee, where he and other party members plan to celebrate Crist's inauguration as governor on Jan. 2.

"We are being proactive," DiMatteo said. "We are very optimistic that Charlie Crist will win."

In the unlikely event of an upset on Nov. 7, DiMatteo said he would cancel the reservations or offer the rooms to Democrats, at a premium price.

Super Powers

Published by cck at 8:50 AM

I think if I had a super power, I would be incredibly self-serving.
I would eliminate dramatic weather patterns. I suppose that would have the added benefit of stopping hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes. But, like, honestly? I really just want it to stop sinus infections.

Oh, and if I was some sort of inventor person - I would totally invent a TV that AUTO-MAT-IC-ALLY mutes all commercials - even the good ones. Mute. Silence.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Duuuuuude. Finally.

Published by cck at 5:19 PM

And it couldn't have happened to a better guy.

The SCDP named a replacement Third Vice Chair. They even got his email address correct! I think Mr. Sellers will be an excellent advocate for all Democrats under thirty. He'll be one of the youngest (if not the youngest) member of the General Assembly and from what I hear, a rather astute law student.

Good luck Mr. Sellers!

Me? Thoughts?

Published by cck at 2:01 PM

In response to Laurin's comment on the post about Emile below... Yeah, I have a few thoughts:

During my years as a South Carolina wannabe politico, I never deemed to degrade a Democratic candidate or the party in any way. I worked hard and long to propel the cause. I wanted us to win. And, more importantly, I wanted us to govern.

But, now - I'm not in South Carolina anymore. I can scream (although not many folks will care) that I don't like how our party is moving. Again, the LEFT DOESN'T WORK IN SOUTH CAROLINA. And, dare I say it? Dean didn't win the nomination for a reason -- and it wasn't the scream!!!

Okay, so - my opinion on Moore. I like the guy, yeah - I liked Frank Willis better, but I do like Moore. I think he even had a shot at winning the election. But, with both Democratic candidates, I wondered, did they really want it?
There's something slightly different about politicians. Some sort of super ego -- one that normal folks usually manage to dismantle sometime around their senior year of high school. I've seen it in friends, heck, I've seen it in myself. But - there's a certain bright sparkle that a candidate has. And, frankly, I'm not sure Moore has enough of it.

Yeah, he's personable and he has a long industrious history in the Senate. But, is that enough? Is that really enough? He has no plan people! He's a candidate and all he's got is anti-that. And that, that is not enough.

Pick an issue and find us a way to fix it. You did it in the Senate, Tommy, do it now. If you can't figure out a way to do it, start hiring people that can. And, my personal advice, don't listen to who the SCDP tells you to hire -- they haven't been doing too good of a job winning as late.

Put Your State on Your Plate

Published by cck at 1:09 PM

I like it. I remember waaaaaaay back before the general public started getting excited about the election cycle some friends were helping with Emile's campaign. Not knowing Emile, I was skeptical of a candidate whose name you could barely pronounce. And states on plates? What? Was he going to partner with Lenox to create a special palmetto china pattern?

Nope. He's smart. He's got it together. Emile deFelice has a brilliant plan to market South Carolina products to South Carolina and the world. We are an amazing state with even more amazing products that need to be creatively marketed to a wider audience.

I am terribly disappointed in The State for endorsing Weathers, the appointed Commissioner of Agriculture. Not that I'm surprised in The State's inability to see beyond their sidewalk, but I am confused by their main evidence... Evidently the Department of Agriculture is unveiling some sort of campaign to promote South Carolina fruits and vegetables and Weathers is behind it.

WOW. Whoop-de-doo. That's evidence of a man running a department effectively??? I simply do not believe it. Come on now. Fruits and veggies are going to save the largest industry in South Carolina?

Well, they are - but that's not all that's going to save South Carolina. It's going to take someone with infectious optimism and a vision that goes beyond choosing a site for the Farmer's Market. It's going to take Emile deFelice.

Blogging (in general)

Published by cck at 12:50 PM

I've been blogging since January. It's been an interesting experience. I remember the thrill of being added to blog rolls here and there. And there was the one great moment of being linked to the Washington Post. And, I just about swear to you that Dooce once visited.

I've written about shoes and makeup, presidents and politics, the adventures of getting married and being lost. Sometimes, it's an everyday thing and other weeks go by without me having a thought I'd like to share with this small world.

Lately, I've felt more like talking with the faceless and not-so-faceless folks who like to visit the adventures of a gal in her twirties. I'd like to tell you folks some of the thing that are really troubling me, but I'll spare you the drama and instead focus on the most pressing problem in my little life -- that of trying to get a man to do his fair share of the household chores. (Half smile).

Yesterday, I received two comments on my blog. I aspire to be more like Laurin, with folks posting comments left and right. Instead, I had a man tell me that I was a bigot. And another, more astute visitor tell me that I was a spiteful daughter.

Well, dear blogosphere -- I will tell the truth! Yes, the truth! I am both. Deal with it.

Funny Face

Published by cck at 12:43 PM

Have any of y'all seen the GAP commercial with Audrey Hepburn? I love it - it's from one of my favorite movies, Funny Face. As a kid, watching Fred Astaire and Miss Hepburn dance around a French church inspired my dreams of what a wedding should be. I won't be in a tea length gown and I seriously doubt my groom can high step like Fred, but it's funny how memories from childhood stick with you. Funny.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"They Can't Control Me"

Published by cck at 1:55 PM

So says Katherine Harris of 2000 infamy. Somehow, the Republican Party of Florida believes her to be a liability. Gee, wonder why.

Could it be nearly every time she opens her mouth she lets loose with another whopper? Despite the RPFL's best efforts to deprive her of winning her party's nomination for US Senate, Ms. Harris convinced the Florida electorate that she had the strongest chance of defeating Senator Nelson.

I'm not that stupid; I'm pretty sure most Floridians aren't either. Was it just that they knew no one would defeat Senator Nelson? Or was it that they just didn't care? The former Secretary of State just isn't the same chick she used to be when she helped to steal the election from VP Gore.

Nah, she just crazy.

My point is, the Party is giving her the cold shoulder. And thank goodness! She's not a good candidate, she's not raising money, and she's sort of lost touch with reality. So, when the Party realized they couldn't get rid of her, they chose to ignore instead.

Why aren't we doing that? Why aren't we giving the ice chill glare to the ridiculous stable of candidates that are looking for their moment in the South Carolina Spotlight? Why isn't the Democratic Party looking for good candidates OR moving away from their Deaniac ways? The current SCDP's affinity for Dean and his screamin' behavior will be the death knell for future candidates.

What's It Gonna Be South Carolina?

Published by cck at 10:26 AM

Dear South Carolina Voters,

Like most election years, a lot of things hang in the balance. You've got a great opportunity. Whether you believe Sanford will make a difference or Moore will change the status quo... Whether you want new or old, stodgy or singing, a loyal South Carolinian or a racing play boy -- your vote can make a difference.

I have a vested interest in South Carolina, even though I am now a Floridian. Having spent 24 of my 25 years in the Palmetto State, I know what beauty and intelligence lie in the people of that state. It's amazing - from the mountains to the shores and everything in between, South Carolina has such a history and an even fuller future.

So, why the fuck do we need to vote on something that is already illegal? I could make the argument that the first Defense of Marriage Act is wrong - and it would be an easy argument to make. However, I'm really just going to concentrate on the fact that you people are wasting your time voting on it again:

Is a blow job really that evil?

I happen not to think so, and I'm sure my fiance is rather glad that it's part of my sexual repertoire. And while I'm often more than happy to air some of my sexual accomplishments (please don't blush; it usually happened after Pint Night and one too many Franziskaners), it shouldn't be a requisite to receive a marriage license. When I travel down to the marriage license guy in Leon County in a couple of months, I seriously doubt that he's going to ask me for my sexual history. Why do I get that perk of privacy?

And, why oh why are we adding exclusivity to our Constitution? I used to travel to Connemara outside of Flat Rock, NC. There was a short video of the poet Carl Sandburg saying that his least favorite word was "exclusive." He used to sound it out - ex-cluuuuu-sive.

I'm not asking that gay folks should receive an honorary membership into the Flowers-Of-The-Month-Club or a reserved parking spot at Pottery Barn or any other ridiculous, bigoted "special rights" the Christian Right can think up.

I realized the unfairness of it all --- I had surgery a couple of weeks ago and my fiance was able to come back with me and stay with me and help me through it. If I had been gay, my partner would not have been able to support me in that way. And that is not fair.

What will happen, South Carolina? What will happen years from now? We've had a difficult time recovering from the whole slavery thing - as a matter of fact, I personally believe we're still recovering from aftershocks. How will we recover from denying civil rights to our citizens in this manner?

Civil Rights should never be held to a popular vote.

Monday, October 16, 2006

In case you were wondering

Published by cck at 6:15 PM

It was a bit of a shock to me too. I met a man, got engaged not even three months later and within a few weeks I had dragged all of my belongings to Tallahassee.

Plus, within all of that, I am a Democrat and he is a Republican (of the strongly opinionated type of politicos).

Well, we met at a wedding. He was my groomsman and I was his bridesmaid. At the time, I had no idea it would be a preview. I overheard him talking about the etymology of Klingon, I misspelled "Happiness" (use your imagination), and we shared a Grape Bomb (Grape Vodka & Red Bull - I had no idea!). It was a wedding weekend - but instead of the brief affair staying in Orlando, we never stopped talking.

We had many things in common and many things that were different. At the base of it all, we held the same values - the same goals - the same dreams. His morals matched mine. And that was what mattered. We quibbled over politics. And, for the most part, our banter is entertaining (or so I've been told).

I'm sure some folks were confused or figured I was being impulsive. After all, it was damn quick. But - sometimes, you just know. You just know. And we've been through health problems - from cancer to surgery; we've been through more than enough family drama; we've been through moving more than once. I think we're set to make a go of it (and live through many more dramas and problems and even more happy times). I've dated a lot of men and more than my share of boys. I've even been in love with some of them. But, I was waiting to meet Chris.

At some point during my junior year of college, I made a list of all the qualities I wanted to find in my partner. They ran the gamut of desirables -- from liking red wine and wearing bow ties to being spiritual and driven. I wanted a man who wore flip flops, understood Southerners and was well educated. He had to like mushy English movies and have an affinity for football. He had to be smart and witty and be family-oriented. Suffice it to say, the list was long. He met every single one... well, save for being a Democrat.

I love him, not for meeting a list - but because of who is. His very essence - BAM! hits me at various moments of the day and I realize how very lucky I am. I found him - through all odds, I found him.

So, now I've left South Carolina (which I swore I would never do again) and I wake up every morning knowing that I've finally made the right decision.

Perpetuation of the Species.

Published by cck at 6:03 PM

I'm getting married.
As if you couldn't figure that one out. I'm trying so hard not to get wrapped up in the details; I'm trying so hard to remember that admist all the administrative details there is something huge going on. I am joining with a man, come what may - for better or for worse - in times of want and in plenty -- I am planning the very ritual that will unite us as a unit.

This weekend, the two of us traveled up to Savannah to meet his aunt and his grandparents (they were visiting from Connecticut). I am often overwhelmed by the reality that I am going to be married. I kept my eyes open - looking around the room while we had cocktails. My fiance's grandparents drink Manhattens. And I looked around the table when we went to dinner - overlooking a gorgeous marsh and an even prettier sunset. And I looked around and saw what made my fiance.

I've always been a mushy girl - sappy, even. So, as I looked at the generations that surrounded me, I saw set of grandparents who raised a daughter in Stamford, who married a man from New Jersey after falling in love with him at Emory. And those two brilliant people raised a son outside of Tampa. That man chose me to help him make another generation. It's amazing how it keeps going.

I'm not planning on having children for a while, but I know that when I do - the family I am going to marry into will supply a rich and vibrant history for their education.

My God, I am blessed.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

We hold these truths...

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I'm sad. I'm really really sad.
I love the Democratic Party - I love the things we stand for and the things we believe in and I love the people that make up this group. From South Carolina to Mississippi to DC to Florida -- I have met and admired the folks that believe in giving their fellow citizens a chance. I have been a Democrat since I figured out what it meant - and I will continue to believe in my Party with a fervor that will not wane.

But, I am sad.

I was talking with an old friend over email the last few days about the frustration we feel with our party. WTF. I remember talking with my greatest mentor about the same thing - the way we feel that our hands our tied.

I read this morning on WaPo that Mark Warner is expected to announce that he will not run. Part of the reason is because he fears his moderate views will not entice or envigorate the partisans that vote in early primaries.
I saw the clip of Grady Patterson at The State's Editorial Board Interview. He was barely coherent.
I watched the video of the Comptroller General's race and saw the Democratic candidate try to sing her closing and claim that her office would be used to find people with unknown talents (is she recruiting for a circus?).
My goobernatorial candidate had to choose a Lt. Guv guy to shore up his base. Is it just me... Or is the choice to shore up your base something you should do yourself. And, gee, I dunno - let the other part of your ticket add to your base?

WHERE are we people? What are we doing??? I bicker with CGK every night over the news - he claims we're stupid people and I'm starting to agree.

We're letting our best chance at capturing the presidency in '08 leave the stage because we're afraid he's moderate? The man has good ideas and was able to actually make change in his state -- a state that is rather diverse.

I know South Carolina has an age thing - look how many times we elected Strom. However, the fact that our Treasurer candidate is clearly making up allegations is a pretty good potion that he might not be as competent as we need him to be. That's not an attack on his character or his record or his general ability and health. But, South Carolina needs to stop thinking like it's 1942 and realize that we need people with new ideas and new solutions. Same old won't work anymore.

And dear Lord -- I would rather not have a candidate for Comp General who wants to sing during her brief moment in the sun. Not that I feel all that more confident in a football coach.

Poor Jim Davis -- he's so far down in the polls - there's no way he could rebound unless Charlie Crist was found (with video) having sex with a goat. Baaaaaaa.

The frustration arises in the fact that we have a better solution for the problems that plague America -- I KNOW WE DO. And yet we are running stupid campaigns. We are running TommyILikePeopleMoore Campaigns that don't make sense in an environment where people want ideas they can grab onto.

Folks like to talk at the gas pump, in the line at Publix and after Church. People like to exchange ideas over the water cooler. Dude, seriously - Seinfeld much? But since Jerry is no longer on the air we need to supply the folks of this great land with something they can discuss. Positive beats negative every time. And if we could just come up with a message - with an idea - with a platform - with a brand that would build a bridge into the future. Yeah, it's marketing and yeah its slick messaging, but it's also good ole common sense. We need something more than anti-that.

The frustration arises in the fact that more often than not - some of us have good ideas - but we're not listened to... Because we had the audacity to call a spade a a spade. Because we had the courage to write or publish or voice the fact that the Party is NOT moving in the direction that it should. Because we love the party - and it burns up some people that we think moving forward is better than moving left or right.

The frustration arises because we (the great collective we) want a better America.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I am a pretentious dork.

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Who cannot spell. Or use punctuation correctly... Or even often basic grammar rules.

Perhaps it is because I only made a 4 on my English AP exam my senior year of high school. Okay -- so, while "flipping" through The State, I see that South Carolina officials are considering removing the extra umph that goes with an AP class... It's all for equality, they say. It's all for availability of scholarships, they say.

I'm trying real hard not to sound like a Republican. I'm all for equality and opportunity and availability of scholarships. The answer, however, is not to remove special stature in order to level the playing field. The answer is to level the playing field by actually leveling the playing field... Increase AP availablity in all schools across South Carolina.

Dude, seriously - that's an easy call, right? You don't take away to make things easy... You increase opportunity. You increase the availabilty of AP classes so that all students - who are qualified - have a crack at doing a DBQ.

Um, c'mon - South Carolina - get with it.

Khaki: The Color of the South

Published by cck at 9:42 AM

I'm sure, dear reader, that you are growing bored of my Florida-Isn't-The-Same-As-Carolina comments. Forgive me. It's just still a whole new world for me. I'm sure the visitor from Australia this morning has no idea what I'm talking about. However, since the majority of my readership resides within the borders of South Carolina - I might just continue whining about the incredible lack of shopping (and good taste) in Tallahassee.

Last week, I made my way to Dillard's to pick up some mascara. Walking by the men's clothing section, I saw a beacon -- a 75% off sign (more than one to tell the truth). I picked up a couple casual shirts, a polo shirt (egads!) and a few more pair of shorts. We've still got warm weather left down here.

CGK was so pleased with my purchases, he agreed to go back to Dillard's last night. OMG. I realized, since I'm the one doing laundry and running to the dry cleaners for both of us, that I was engaged to a man who did not own a single pair of khaki pants. Not one. HOW DID HE SURVIVE? More importantly, how did I fall in love with a man who has never worn khaki pants in my presence??? Must be his bowties.

The Love of my Life continues to assert that Florida is a Southern State. I disagree, adamently. If a man can get through life without a pair of khaki pants - it is clearly not a Southern State. Red, it may be, but Southern... well, let's just say it has a long way to go.

Smartest Girl in South Carolina.

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I'm a huge fan of the LaurinLine. I think I visit Laurin Manning's commentary at least twenty two times a day. At least! I've known Miss Manning since high school. While I wasn't a Pee Dee resident, I meet Hartsville's star at Palmetto Girls State. We both rocked PGS 1998 with our amazing abilities and leadership skills. Ahem.

Okay, so during my several visits yesterday, I read and re-read the post Moore Suggestions. It's a great piece about Senator Moore and his campaign. I was talking to a friend of mine in DC - and we were both complaining that the Moore campaign is sitting on a golden opportunity and doing jack squat. There's no pizzazz, no magic. He is wasting a golden chance to unseat a Republican.

I worked for Hodges in 1998 - I remember the atmosphere. South Carolina was ready for change and I personally believe that our great state has been aching for it since. As Democrats, we should give South Carolinians what they want. I know, I know - we all thought that Sanford might be a different kind of politician... he just wan't the sort of politician that actually wanted to make a difference. (Arguing with the Legislature is SO much more productive).

But, I digress - I had a point somewhere... While Laurin is arguably one of the smartest gals I know, her policy analysis puts Moore in a tough spot. I think some of those ideas are brilliant. I wish Tommy Moore would adopt them. I wish Tommy Moore would put his ideas on billboards up and down the I-26 corridor and all over the state. However, at this point - due to the other LaurinLine-aholics - if he actually decides to have real issues for his campaign ---> It will look like he's taking policy advice from the LaurinLine. Policy advice from Laurin Manning, however would probably be more palatable.

I know the advent of blogging has changed politics. Hello! I live in Florida now - not Palm Beach, but I get it. I know that blogging gives the ability for ordinary citizens to influence the political process. And perhaps that is exactly what is going on. I could be totally wrong in my reaction here. Somehow, a politician that I am going to hire should grab his platform from somewhere other than a blog.

And, durn if the Repubs wouldn't have a field day with that one...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Meet George.

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I woke up early this Sunday. Well, early-ish. It was gorgeous out -- bright blue skies and a cool constant breeze. I had a hankering for a newspaper and a brie&bacon sandwich from Gourmet Shop. Since I wasn't really within driving distance of Saluda - I made my own. I woke up the Sleeping Prince with a mimosa and we headed to Lake Ella. A cooler, a blanket and our puppy - we were set.

We had the St. Pete Times & the Tallahassee Democrat; I also had the newest version of Martha Stewart Weddings. I have always been a Martha fan -- and I still think she was wronged. More than that, MSWeddings has some really neat stuff in it. Of course, we estimated that the wedding magazine purchase total is somewhere around $50 in the two months that we've been engaged. Seriously - I have a stack at least a foot and a half high in the hall. Ha! What a racket! We decided that I would purchase no more wedding drivel. NONE! Not even if it has my dress/tiara/veil/shoes/dj/flowers on the cover. No more for me!

Well, I suppose our puppy George heard us and took it to heart. I was upstairs when I heard the oh-so-familiar sound of paper ripping. Chris went first - to warn me if it was bad. Yeah, George was ripping into the Martha Stewart Weddings -- my last wedding publication! Sigh. I'll live. He, however, might not!

FYI: He is not named after any particular political figure per se. Chris calls him George W. I usually refer to him as George McGovern. Poor dog is going to have a complex and start refering to himself as Nader.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

C'mon NAACP.

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There was a brief time in third grade when I confused the NCAA and the NAACP - there were so many letters in common. I heard grown ups talking about both groups - and was unsure of their differences. Go ahead, you can laugh. I surely did.

However, at this point, I think I'd like to commend the group that has affected change across the nation and provided assistance and leadership on so many important issues to so many people across this nation. It's not a black/white issue - the issues the NAACP lobbies and represents and gives guidance to are American issues.

So, it pained me several years ago when the NAACP put a boycott on South Carolina for not removing the flag. First, I was working in state government when we took down the flag. And I say we, because I was part of the Administration that made that happen. I am proud of the compromise -- and that in no way means I like having that stupid piece of fabric flying in front of the most beautiful state house in the country. But, I would rather have it down on a memorial pole than flying on top of our Dome -- or GOD FORBID, incorporated into our state flag somehow.

I was upset that the NAACP would put a boycott on our state because I really didn't think it would do anything - save for hurt minority business. Which is pretty much what it has done. The State has a good article on the issue today - click here - and since tourism dollars have actually gone up, we can safely say that the boycott was useless. Except that it made a bunch of good ole boys upset and started a new topic of conversation while they ate over at the Palmetto Club.

Tourism is important to South Carolina - I know we all know that. But, living in Florida, I now see what tourism can do for a state -- there's no state income tax here. There are no car taxes. Property taxes aren't higher and our state sales tax is at 7%. And yet, their budget is a gazillion times larger than ours! (Okay, perhaps not a gazillion). Despite the Republican assertion that money will not fix our problems -- spending enough money and spending it to actually correct the problem (not just put a band-aid on it) WILL.

Regardless, the NAACP should be thinking of implementing policies and advocating issues that would help the lives of their members and the states where they live. We're all in this together. What's good for you is good for me. If my school is failing, then odds are that yours is too.

Get rid of the boycott -- find a new issue to advocate. And, for God's sake -- make it something that will improve the lives of generations to come.


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I'm not sure if I've ever really blogged about one of my blog-reading guilty little pleasures... Last night while at Andrew's - basking in the glory that is 2 for 1 Happy Hour - I shared my delight with a few new friends... Fugly is the New Pretty.

It's fabulous. Pithy and bitchy, caustic and witty -- almost always original. I've even got Kramps hooked. (Yes, I've noticed he visits when I'm not looking). We all know (gosh, I hope so) one of my favorite quotes from Steel Magnolias, when Clairee says at the Christmas Party, "Well, you know what they say: if you don't have anything nice to say about anybody, come sit by me!"

Goodness! That's so me -- and as we have discussed -- Florida is an excellent place to discuss the mistakes so many young women make. (And young men -- Son, pink seersucker is simply inappropriate in October. Perhaps the khaki colored or even the gray -- but PINK?).

So, when I saw a recent edition of Go Fug Yourself (the best bitchy fashion blog evah) I giggled so hard I woke up Kramps (well, almost woke up Kramps). Here it is: Fug Holmes-Fug. I will totally admit - the whole Scientology thing does weird me out, and yet it is really fascinating too. Visiting Clearwater a couple of weeks ago, I saw the castle and several people who worship(?) or perhaps better said, adhere to the teachings of Scientology. My fascination came, not from the preposterousness of Xenu, but more from the frumpy outfits the folks wore. You could pick them out -- they looked like SNL peeps during an airline sketch. It was bad.

Friday, October 06, 2006


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I cannot spell.

I realize there is a spell check available to me -- but usually it just frustrates me because it doesn't recognize important words I tend to use with regularity.

And, really - should I worry about spelling? No. I have far more important things to worry about. Such as what to make for BC Tailgate in two weeks or where I could find a veil for that wedding thing I'm planning.

The Sorority That Shall Not Be Named

Published by cck at 10:57 AM

Full disclosure: I was a proud member of Delta Delta Delta
at the University of South Carolina.

Explaining this allegiance to my GDI fiance last night over fajitas and dollar drafts at the club was a little difficult (partially because I had to do it during commericals. FSU was playing). No, I did not feel I was buying friends. No, I did not feel the urge to randomly hook up with Sigma Chi brothers (I can adamently assure that never happened). Furthermore, I was never hazed or hassled.

So, last night, over those same fajitas and dollar drafts, we watched the newest members of Insert Sorority Here arrive wearing an assortment of fanciful hats and costumes. The girls were super cute - mostly blonde, all thin and all looking excited. It was a Big Sis/Lil Sis Reception on the Terrace. Lovely! It was a gorgeous night and looking over the FSU field must have been just terribly exciting for all the little pledges.

I remembered back when I found out who my Big Sis was - a rather odd gal from the Low Country. She was intelligent and poised and had more class in her little pinky than I would say the entire pledge class of the sorority mentioned above.

This is where I must discuss, dear reader, the problem with Florida... It's rules - etiquette - class. Why would ANYONE in their right mind believe it is okay to wear seersucker after Labor Day?!? I understand that even in South Carolina the rules can be pushed by the overeager SAE when the Cup falls before Easter -- but even I have been known to let that one slide. The offense that started this diatribe? WHITE SHOES. WHITE TACKY SHOES.

Obviously a freshman pledge - she had so much hope in her eyes: binge drinking, the unfortunate shacking incident with a start up fraternity, and - let us not forget the joy of Formal Night. She had on a cute black dress and even looked cute in it - even if it was hooker short. Why the platform, white patent, scuffed (did I mention they were SCUFFED?), tacky shoes? You can do better! I know shopping is challenging in Tallahassee -- but for the love of GOD!

I wanted to find the Offensive White Shoe Girl's Big Sister and shake her.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I <3 Dooce

Published by cck at 6:50 PM is always a favorite. I love it. It's consistently dynamic and bright and surprising. The way Mrs. Armstrong manages to transform the seemingly mundane into witty commentary never ceases to amaze me.

For instance - yesterday's post "Mathematical probability" [see below] had me giggling the moment I read it. I could totally relate. Boobs. I mean, I have them and everything. And mine are larger than the average woman (or so I've been told).

And, I thought I (might could) understood a male's obsession with tits. I'm not attracted to decolletage - so I don't totally get it, but I've admired a nice rack now and then. And, of course, snickered at the unfortunate surgical choice. I'm glad Dooce put it into words...

I am surprised at how many times I'm groped - just for the pure joy of groping. I have a theory that half the time he does it, it's just to reassure himself that he can. Heh.

Here's the post:
Mathematical probability
Tuesday, 03 October 2006

I’m taking a bath with Leta, and after making sure that all her body parts are properly scrubbed I ask Jon to wash my back because, although my wingspan is almost six feet, my arms are only so bendable. He takes the washcloth, rubs between my shoulder blades, and then in a move reminiscent of a scene from a sitcom — if sitcoms were rated X — washes my chest as if waxing a car.

“That’s not my back,” I say.

“Yes it is,” he says. “It’s the part of your back called The Front.”




“You didn’t specify which part of your back you wanted me to wash.”

As he hoists Leta out of the tub I soak my neck and shake my head, thinking about how I had known that the move he just pulled was exactly what he would do. He notices me grinning and warns, “You are not allowed to write about this.”

“Why not?” I ask. “I can guarantee that there is more than one woman out there who would read about you doing that and nod vigorously because their men are just as predictable. At least when it comes to breasts.”

“I’m sure of that,” he says. “It’s just, do you know how awkward it is to meet someone in a professional situation now? ‘Hi, I’m Jon Armstrong, and I grope my wife while she unloads the dishwasher. BUT YOU ALREADY KNEW THAT.’”

Monday, October 02, 2006

In the middle of all that...

Published by cck at 11:44 AM

Gawsh, Florida is just a hotbed of political activity right now. I know most Republicans are up in arms over the fact that they have a gay Congressman. I giggled and smiled. After all, South Carolinians know that some of our most prominent Republican leaders are gay.

Here's the thing -- I don't care. Sexual preference is not one of the aspects of a candidate that I consider when making my decision to cast a ballot. Instead - I do weigh the ability of the candidate to be a good leader, honest and hard working. When I cast a ballot, I'm giving someone a job - so I look for the same qualifications in a candidate that I look for in an employee -- experience, people skills, and the ability to make things happen. Sexual preference is not one of those things...

This whole Foley mess shouldn't be about the fact that he is gay. (Although, it does - on a personal level - piss me off when gay Republicans bad mouth folks in an effort to preserve family values). The bigger issue should be about an older man preying on a child.

It is disgusting for an older man like Foley to be pursuing a sixteen year old - whether that sixteen year old is male or female. It's inappropriate, not to mention against the law. I don't understand the desire to pursue someone younger. I suppose I could consult Sic Willie, but I think it might be a gender thing. I'm twenty five - closer to twenty six than I care to admit and I don't think I would ever be so strongly attracted to someone so young -- and I'm much closer in age to a teenager than the average congressman.

My fiance claims that Foley shouldn't be singled out - he's only being singled out because he is gay. I don't think that makes it right. Just because Strom Thurmond used to goose interns in the elevator doesn't make it right. It's wrong for those folks that we hire to use their position to take advantage of children.

It's not right when someone gay does it; it's not right when someone straight does it. It doesn't meet that high bar we set for the people we hire to legislate for us. It's not trustworthy. It's not honest. And it's wrong.

ps. Foley also failed the employment test -- he was stupid. Duh - don't keep an electronic copy of your indiscretions!

I want a diet coke.

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Sigh. Our house is without diet coke at the moment. I think I may die or stage a protest or dig up some quarters or SOMETHING that will facilitate a situation where I am drinking a cold diet cola beverage. Sigh.

Despite the fact that I might shrivel into a ball on the floor of our kitchen, I must soldier on. It was a big weekend - lots of wedding stuff done. We booked hotel blocks and found a place for me to stay and figured out who would do my hair... Both Chris and I met with the florist - which was a pretty cool experience. She's Australian (the accent was enough for both of us). We also went to Williams Sonoma to pick out some stuff -- and have the experience of registering with a scanner. Good times.

We also played in the Gulf and laid in the sun and watched the sunset from the boat. I had a good time. And dang, jerk grouper sammiches are amazing when you eat them overlooking the Gulf.