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Monday, March 26, 2007

And the other part of going to a wedding...

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We've been to some weddings lately -- we're of the age, our friends are starting to pair off. We went to a beautiful wedding in Chattanooga the weekend before we were engaged -- we knew what was coming, and the romance of the evening swept us off of our feet. But, I had no idea the intensity and beauty of what it would feel like to know (really know) that I was getting married.

In 47 days.

I think we should probably practice our vows or something. They're good ole Methodist vows -- but the way I goober, I'm not sure I'll be able to actually say anything.

It's the real countdown now -- we're in the home stretch. Wow.

(Oh, and thank goodness... Even though the Greenville News had screwed it up at first, we were finally announced yesterday. For the girl who reads the announcements every Sunday, it blew me away to read -- in my hometown paper -- that I am engaged to be married. Weird, how those little things work. We're also in the St. Pete Times & the Tampa Trib, but those folks don't realize the importance of posting online!)

Most Incredible.

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It was a most incredible weekend. My fiance and I traveled to see my aunt get hitched. It was gorgeous.

When I arrived at the mountain lodge and went to see her before the ceremony - I was breathless. My beautiful aunt: the wise, challenging, supportive, enlightening woman I knew... She was a bride. She wore flowers in her hair and I swear, she looked nineteen. And twenty-five, and thirty-two and forty-nine -- and all that she had ever been. She was completely herself. It was unbelievably beautiful. She was in every detail.

She walked down the aisle with my grandmother - to my grandmother's favorite hymn. And I cried. Sitting next to me, Chris held my hand - we looked across the lake and listened to my aunt and her now husband saying vows that bound them together.

Whew -- and what a party! When your seventy-five year old great aunt kicks off her shoes to do the Charleston you know you're having a good time. Everyone was happy - beamingly happy. Watching Chris talk, share stories and laugh with my family -- it was a joy to behold.

Thanks McCormicks, it was an honor to be present at your wedding. And it was a joy to see such love.

Friday, March 16, 2007

This? This is the most fabulous woman I know.

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I owe her big.
(and yes, that's a six-pack bracelet on her arm)

Go n-eírí an bóthar leat.

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May the road rise with you.

I had intended to join my best friend in Jackson this weekend. As much as I wanted to see the SBQ (and have a fabulous reason to use my egg plate), I'm staying home this weekend. I wanted nothing more than to see K-Cali, wear my Vagina Monologues tiara and play. I wanted to climb a tree; I was looking forward to a road trip in my new car.

Things happen. I swear it seems like things are always happening to me. Since I've removed the weirdo genetic material from my life, that feeling has dissipated. However, the recent blitzkrieg shook me just a bit. I am so glad - so indescribably happy - that I have the grace, understanding and support to take the ugliness I receive and turn it into something beautiful.

I am fine. I am going to be fine. And my life - it's something beautiful.

My former Vet's son... (stolen from FITS)

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Dude. Love the new FITSNews -- and love the highlight of Dr. Verdin's son.
Verdin's district is next to the district where I grew up. I pride myself on saying I'm from Greenville, but let's be honest - the city line does not protect me from the Rams from Simpsonville or the Blue Flames from Pickens. And, I don't really want to be protected --

That's just the beauty of South Carolina.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


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Seriously, if they (meaning the gods & goddesses at Coke) can figure out a way to make my Diet Coke Habit healthier -- I don't even have words.

While Kramps likes to joke in the grocery store line about my addiction to coke, I realize that drinking a Diet Coke in the morning - and the late afternoon - is something I am not willing to give up. However, having a sparkling beverage might just make it easier for him to stomach.

I remember this warning/article from the Charlotte Observer years back. I'm not quite at her level, but I do share her hierarchy for fast food drive-thrus. Sometimes, a draft is all I need to turn a bad day into a good day.

Here's hoping the Diet Coke Plus tastes good....

I can't find it, but I believe her.

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I talked a friend this weekend who giggled (who am I kidding, she cackled) when I told her I was nervous. She claims there's a quote - somewhere in this blog - that claims that I won't get stressed about this whole wedding thing that's happening in what - 68 or 67 days. Who was I kidding?

Dude. I am nervous. Not for one second about actually being married -- I would go to the courthouse this morning. I cannot wait to be married. But, all the details - all the tasks - all the projects ----- it's going to rot my brain.

And, just as a hint - and this could totally just be me, but if you (as a supportive person on the street or SPOTS, as it were) could just not tell me to relax, that would be greeeeeeeaaaaaat. You telling me, in your supportive way - or perhaps to just shut me up, to relax, only makes me more nervous. The pressure! What, I'm not supposed to be nervous? Really? Oh, okay - no prob. Snap!

Oh, and if I did this again -- as romantic as it is (and rather easy to remember) to plan a wedding on the day you met, the week after Session might not be the very best time.