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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


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Remember when I was whining about the weather in North Florida? When I was whining about how I wished it would get cold - allow me to wear my coat and a wool sweater?

I lied people. I so lied. The low last night was 27. It was cold.

Also - just a note... I've been waking up early. Early so I can play with the puppy, do a load of laundry, read the news, etc before making my way into work. And it's dark when I wake up. When I let George out, there's a light on illuminating the small patch of grass that George claims as his own. This morning - it wasn't dark. I looked up at the sky - at the sun beginning to rise and glow and all that amazing stuff. It's a new year - and it's about to be a new season in Florida.

Oh, and it's 101 days till my wedding. Damn.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

But I don't even believe in the Devil!

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Last night I had a dream about the Devil. It was the weirdest thing -- I don't even believe in the Devil. I mean, Satan - sure - the whole history/mythology of a fallen angel I understand. But a hell? A movie version of a flaming pit? Nope, I don't think so.

And so, it was weird that I had a dream about the Devil in general. I kept trying to figure out if I had listened to the Devil Went Down to Georgia before falling asleep. Or perhaps had inadvertently watched some weird version of Futurama. Then, on my way to work this morning, I frequented the local McDee's to procure a draft diet coke. My total for the purchase? $6.66. (I had also purchased an egg mcmuffin and coke for a friend). But, seriously - 666? Is someone trying to tell me something?

I thought I was in for an awful day - and, surprisingly enough, it wasn't. It was actually a really good day. Quite worthwhile and productive. Until, of course - it came down to having a wedding conversation with the fiance.

I do not get it. Is it a gender thing? Are guys afraid of having retribution from non-married friends? "Duuuude, did you seriously pick out lavender cocktail napkins? How gay!" I'm not asking him to wear tiny hearts on his tux or have anything to do with pink. What is the f'in deal?

And so, that might be where the warning from the devil comes in -- beware of the fiance who wants big but won't plan big. Sigh.

That -- and if anyone has any freakin' idea of how to word an engagement announcement that does not start with the names of the bride's parents, please let me know.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Kiss My Asp.

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There are several things I'd like to talk about regarding last night's festivities. And my intention is that when the ringing in my ears stops, I will do so. In the meantime - here's one of the stickers that found its way to Kramp's back pocket:


Living Vicariously

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A while back, I read on Dooce about this project - The Cringe Project. Apparently, Sarah Brown of Que Sera Sera started this project which has become a monthly event in Brooklyn:

The first inklings of Cringe came about back in 2001, when Sarah Brown found her old diaries at her parents’ house, and decided it would be a good idea to send the most painful excerpts to her friends in a weekly email. Three years later, she moved to Brooklyn and told roommate Liz Schroeter about this endeavor, prompting Liz to dig out some old teenage zines of her own. The first Cringe Reading Night was held April 6, 2005, at Freddy’s.

I'm pretty impressed and I'd like to go. Seeing, however that I am not really within driving or cab-paying distance of Freddy's Bar & Backroom I am going to have to live vicariously through friends. Luckily enough, I have recieved intel that Martinazzz is going at some point in the future. I promise to report back.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

In case you too wanted to...

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"do the Seminole rap." Seriously. Um, yeah - hi. Welcome to Florida, Tallahassee specifically.

Martinazzz sent this and I got it - you've gotta watch for Deon Sanders (about half way through). OMG, this is incredible. I would pay good money for someone to find something similar from the guys at Carolina.

I leave you, "We are the Seminoles of Florida State. We know we're good; some say we're great. Our goal is simple: Best in the Land... Rockin' to the beat of the Marching Chiefs Band."

FYI South Carolina:

Published by cck at 7:07 AM

This is what I have been waiting for... Carol Khare Fowler announced that she is running for Chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party.

I got an email the other day, asking if I was going to support her. In my mind, no one in South Carolina could return the pride and record of success to our party like Fowler. She has the experience and knowledge to make our efforts viable.

It's no secret that I do not care for Chairman Erwin. And, I'm pretty sure it's no secret he does not care for me. My biggest complaint was that he was exclusive. He existed in a well decorated cubicle, thinking of ways to brand a water bottle --- instead of thinking of ways to reach the vast populations of Democrats of South Carolina.

I've always been puzzled by the folks in South Carolina who are not Dems. Objectively, even with social issues, I wonder -- why would this man or woman side with Republicans? Of all folks who I believe can craft a message -- a palatable, interesting, energetic and far-reaching message -- it's Carol Khare Fowler.

She is above exclusivity. She reaches all audiences - Men and women, Blacks and whites, old and young. And she does it with respect and interest. She listens. And, most importantly, she acts. I am so excited that she is running. I am so thankful that she wants to do this job. And, most importantly, I have faith and hope that the South Carolina Democratic Party will do the work it has to do to make South Carolina a better place.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A House Divided.

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I'm downstairs - working on a GoLive project, watching SATC and drinking my third glass of wine. The Guy is upstairs watching the presidential idiot attempt to raise his ratings. I would have watched it; really, I would. Except that the Guy has to watch it on FOX. I refused, flat out. It's bad enough that I have to wake up to Preston Scott.

Last year, I watched the State of the Union. I blogged about the State of the Union. I even cared about the State of the Union. This year, not so much. I could care less and that sort of bothers me. I should care - I should care what that man in the bubble/oval plans to do about the messes he's created. And yet, I've got nothing. I'm movin' on.

To where, I'm not so sure.

Meanwhile, I'm also searching for a dress. I have two weddings in March. I would love to avoid buying two dresses, but I don't think that's going to happen. One wedding, early March is an evening dressy type of affair. And the other, in late March, is sort of dressy - but mid-afternoon. Egads! What is a girl to do!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dude! Get rid of Marcel!

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I am a Bravo Junkie. I really enjoy the reality shows - from Project Runway to Top Chef. I haven't seen the design one yet, but I am really looking forward to it when I carve out some time.

That being said, while being sick today I watched part of the marathon -- not that I had missed any of the Top Chefs up to this point. I've even got my guy hooked. Not hard considering that we're both wannabe foodies.

And, tonight is the night that I hope - gosh, I hope - that Marcel will get kicked off. I will let you know. I know you're waiting on the edge of your seat!

The Various & Sundry.

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I'm sick. As in, dying from a cold and the mucus that is threatening to drown me. It's funny, together K. and I have been through the big "C," a small surgery, random sinus infections on his part -- and yet, I had not gotten a generic cold. There are a few things I learned:
1) "You are not going to die." is a form of comfort when it comes from your fiance.
2) Do not drink cough syrup on an empty stomach. (side note: I had no idea. My best friend the pharmacist had no idea. The table at Po' Boys had no idea. In fact, neither the bottle nor the box the bottle came in warned of this impending calamity. Take note). Glass Half Full entry: My hair is now getting long enough that it has to be held back when I puke.
3) Arizona Diet Green Tea cures just about everything. Buy two; plan ahead.

Meanwhile, I am recovering. Although I still sound sort of like Rita Cosby and I think he likes it.

There's a lot of interesting stuff going on... Minimum wage increase for everyone but the island that packs tuna. Barbara Boxer (and yes, I get the intent) bashing women without children. Insurance dilemma spreading across Florida. I'm doing something with a Chili Cook Off. And there's an oyster thing tomorrow night. Perhaps I might get to those things.

That is, if I can go a week without getting threatening and oh-so-wacky calls from the people also known as my parents. I simply adore how my father leaves me messages: "Hello, this is your father. I believe I have earned that right." That statement is usually followed by the various and sundry craziness. Sigh.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

How to get a phone call from an accountant.

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It's the almost, just about start of busy season. Although, for one of my dearest friends - I'm not sure her busy season ever ends... If she's not flying there, she's driving here, etc. However, after receiving a call from her on Friday evening (while enjoying a heck of a pedicure), I had another revelation.

How do you get a call from an accountant? Don't blog for a few days!

I didn't realize how much I wrote about my life here. And, seriously - I don't include everything. And, thank goodness - you people wouldn't ever want to come back and read this stuff... But, I do include little things.

Here's a catch up: Started new job; thoroughly enjoy it. Have absolutely no idea how the gals in the SC State House click-clack up those steps each day with heels on -- I have new respect for all of them. I walked from my office to the Capitol and I thought I was going to cry. Heels, no more.

It's hot in Florida, as I mentioned before. My wool slacks, a stand by for my winter wardrobe, simply will not cut it. As well, stockings are becoming optional. Yes, I know it's January. Yes, I know - a part of me is dying inside. I do, here and now, solemnly swear, that if I start wearing seersucker before Easter - one of you from the Land of Fashion Rules & Righteousness should come down here and set me straight.

Grandparents are awesome.

Dishes, who needs to do dishes?

Overheard while at the Fort in St. Augustine, Re-enacter One, "These coats are rather hot." Re-enactor Two, "Yes, and I'm so heat-sensitive." One of the many sentences I'm sure were never uttered while the Fort was active.

Um, wedding stuff is about to rot out my eyeballs. I check the mail frantically every day to see if my dress has arrived... And yet, if the mailman ever did manage to stuff my dress into our mailbox then we would have a very large problem indeed.

My parents are still crazy... if not crazier. And now the Infamous MSS has joined the Crazy Parade.

And I think that might be it for the moment. KCoBo, please check back soon for more updates.

Every so often...

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it hits me that I live in Florida. No, it wasn't enough to go to St. Augustine yesterday. I almost got into a fistfight with one of the re-enacters. As most South Carolinians know, St. Augustine was NOT the first city in the New Land... It was Santa Helena. Duh. It was gorgeous though - and rather nice to see the East Coast. (heh).

I digress. No, this morning I checked the weather before thinking about going to church. The high today? While the rest of the nation is suffering with "winter storms," the high today in my neighborhood is 79. I love this!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Better or Worse?

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Governor Crist's first Executive Order was to create a more open government. And one of the ways he aims to go about making the Sunshine State more open is to change the language of government.

I'm not sure about that. I'm conflicted. There's a part of me that wants to stomp my feet - and just like he says, it's an arrogance. Some of the language and acronyms of state government are verbal garbage. Pointless. And it does keep some folks from having the ability to access what they need -- which is the very point of government.

I suppose I'm sort of like the people who wanted to keep all Catholic church services in latin. The first thing that went through my head was that we shouldn't simplify -- we should educate folks to understand the status quo. But, seriously, when have I ever been a status quo kind of girl?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Alex - Bride or CFO?

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I realize that I am more of a feminist than many of my friends and colleagues. I get that. However, yesterday at the ceremony, after Alex Sink was sworn into office as the Chief Financial Officer of the fourth-largest state in the union, her husband (also a former candidate for Governor) was told to kiss the CFO.

Many in the audience laughed, giggled and whooped it up. Good for them. I thought it was entirely inappropriate. There are four state-wide constitutionally elected leaders in Florida -- the Governor, Attorney General, CFO and the Agriculture guy. Alex Sink is the first woman to be elected to one of these posts. We have a Lt Guv too, but they are not elected per se. And Jeb Bush had a woman as his Lt Guv, but again - not elected per se.

It irks me. The judges that swore in the other officials didn't mention kissing or hugging or any such nonsense. The other men were not asked to kiss their wives or children or any other bystander. In fact, it irked me more that the judge didn't tell Alex she could kiss her husband - it was the other way around. She could be kissed, even more passive.

Damn it to hell. For example, I hate it when articles about politicians start out, "She wore a lovely light pink suit..." I don't give a shit or a dollar what she's wearing, what she looks like or if she colors her hair... And yet, when men are similarly interviewed, their appearance is often overlooked or buried in the seventeenth paragraph. There's a study somewhere that backs this up, I remember reading about buy - at this moment - I am entirely too lazy to go look it up.

So, unless the judge that swore her in yesterday is also the same person who married her, I see no reason why that comment was made. Cute? Sure, maybe - but inappropriate. And, in the end, sexist and offensive. Please, someone agree with me.

I have trouble spelling "Inaugural."

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Yesterday, the State of Florida held its Inaugural festivities. For the first time since I moved here, it was cold. Cold, like I needed a big coat and gloves cold. It was awesome.

I missed the Prayer Breakfast, but made it to the ceremony. A friend got us great seats to watch all the folks take the Oath of Office. Fortunately, we were -- by total chance and luck -- sitting with Alex Sink supporters. I was completely unimpressed with gun salute, too much unexpected smoke. The fly-by, however, was rather nifty. The kids sitting next to me were completely wowed.

Governor Crist's speech was uplifting, hopeful. I have rarely held high hopes for Republican leaders, and am really beginning to change my mind. I haven't gotten to the point where I would vote for one of them - but I am amazed at the change in party makeup in this state.

In South Carolina, Republicans would rather castrate than heal, divide than tolerate and hide than solve the problem. In the same vein, South Carolina Democrats would rather point fingers than come up with solutions, exclude rather than build and wring their hands than come up with a message that reaches the lives of their constituents. In no way am I claiming Florida partisans are without their weirdnesses. And perhaps it's because I haven't been here long enough, but I feel that moderation is a much better direction to take.

Anywhere, any state - moving forward is better than moving to the right or the left.

(and ps. I spelled Inaugural incorrectly everytime. Thank goodness for spellcheck.)

The New Name Battle.

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It's January 3rd -- Hmmm, my wedding is approaching with the speed of a freight train. And with that whole wedding thing comes the Name Change. I will no longer introduce myself as Chrissy S., I will call myself Chrissy K.

I did want to keep my own name. I'm a huge fan of my name - I've had it my whole life. Heh. But, I lost that battle - just like Chris lost the whole Star Trek theme for the reception. I do believe (with all my heart) that I got the better end of that deal.

Yesterday, at all the Inaugural stuff, it hit me -- these are my last few months with my name. In the last five months, I've had to get new ID cards, new business cards and a passport -- and within five months, I'm going to need to change all that again. Sigh. Thank goodness it's, like, totally worth it.