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Hi.  I'm cck.  That's right - initials.  It's like the Southern equivalent of Cher or Madonna.  Perhaps that's a bit of a reach...

I write about what I know, which mainly consists of whining about my life, describing my industrious kitchen efforts and state politics.  At some point in my life, someone suggested self-depreciating humor and I ran with it.

I'm married to an incredible person.  He's scary smart and not always good at the day-to-day.  He's also a Republican, I work every day not to dislike him for it.  I moved to Florida for him, and I rarely let him forget it.  He likes to remind me that I could go live with my parents if I wanted to get away.

My parents and I don't get along.  I'm pretty much okay with it; they like to torment us with crazy phone calls and packages.  I like to write about them from time to time, if only to get crazy emails about libel.

I'm a law school dropout who loves manipulation.  Naturally, I moved into marketing.  I surround myself with a grumpy maltipoo named George, a busy work life, and as much laughter as I can manage.