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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Upcoming Weekend.

Published by cck at 8:37 PM

In case you didn't know, this weekend is the Annual Democrat Extravaganza weekend. Wahoo! All the faithful gather in Columbia for a weekend of political discussions, fried fish, good candidates and other Democratic stuff. It starts off with the Prayer Breakfast, followed by the Young Democrats Lunch (at Liberty!) and then comes the Jefferson Jackson Dinner (did I ever tell y'all about the time Sewell's named it the Jefferson Davis Dinner on their marquee? It was baaaaad), with the Clyburn Fish Fry ending the night. Good times on Friday, good times.

Saturday marks the South Carolina Democratic Party's State Convention, with the Young Democrats Convention directly following. The YD's are also hosting a Happy Hour after their Convention at the Flying Saucer.

All in all, a fabulous weekend. I will provide commentary and pictures following. Plus, one of my favorite people in the world is traveling all the way from Alabama to attend. I cannot wait!

Monday, April 17, 2006

I've always loved the color Pink.

Published by cck at 8:06 AM

The Washington Post is jumping on the "I'm not impressed with Republicans" bandwagon as well. In today's editorial by Richard Morin, Pink is the New Red, red states - once confirmed hotbeds of Republican activism, are starting to pale. I'm not sure they're ripening to blue quite yet, but I am sure that this President's inability to lead effectively will increase the chances of leaders who can.

I read somewhere that Democrats don't have a cohesive plan - we've been an opposition party for the past six year and that's all we've shaped up to be. Partially right -- but how could we sit by and not be an opposition party? When the President consistently makes bad bad bad decisions for the future of this nation - how could Democrats not raise their arms in protest?

And what do we see now, more and more conservatives are also begining to raise their hands to question the activities and mismanagement of the current administration. It's about damn time.

Not Watching TV (WW)

Published by cck at 8:02 AM

It's been a while since I sat down to watch the West Wing. M&D Tivo it regularly, but I have quite a few episodes to catch up on. Imagine my surprise to learn last night that it's the last season!
WAIT! You mean I won't get to see Jimmy be President? I won't get to watch Donna finally snare Josh? WHAT? I am heartbroken, devastated. Whatever will I not regularly watch now?

Cracks are Beginning to Show

Published by cck at 7:58 AM

The State reports that Greer voters are less than enthused by Republican candidates. Surprise, surprise. When Republicans talk big, but don't act - it's not really a shock that voters aren't turned on by their more conservative choices.
On the other hand, Democrats have a strong stable of candidates that have a plan to turn this state around and head it in the correct direction. It's not about moving to the right or the left, it's about moving forward. And it sure is time for South Carolina voters to realize that the choices they made in 2002 have hurt our state.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

On being considered one of the guys...

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I went out last night with some usual (and rather unusual) suspects. When you're the only female in a group of guys - as is becoming increasingly the case in my life - the dynamics of polite, reasonable conversation change. Whether it's discussing angels and puppies (I kid you not) or a favorite body part or a particular comment (No, I will not repeat the favorite refrain of the evening), being considered just one of the guys is an interesting aspect of gender education.

It was a good night, but I stayed out far too late on for a school night.

This morning, I got stuck behind a train - but I still got my DC from Sonic. Taking a hint from JCristG, I've decided that a morning fountain DC makes life a little sweeter. Plus, I still haven't figured out where the coffee pot is.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Random Saturday Thoughts...

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I'm sitting at Greenville Memorial Hospital on a gloomy Saturday afternoon. Lovely. My father, the illustrious daddio - man of Pimp Songs and Shoes - fell off his boat and fractured his back. I swear, I should have my own parking space at GHS - or more appropriately, my amazing mother should have complimentary valet service. Regardless, it is bizarre to be here. He'll be okay, just out of commission for a while. So, like, no dancing at the Clyburn Fish Fry. (Last year he cut a rug - I think he even danced with Gilda).

So, that brings me back to my week. Long and weird for sure. I have decided, in my spare time (heh!), to redesign this site. Since I now have the tools, and am surrounded by the brains, to do so - I think it's time to take M&MDC a step forward. Any ideas? Any suggestions of what you'd like to see?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Immigration & a Thank You.

Published by cck at 6:44 PM

Leaving work this evening, I was listening to NPR - in particular, to Richard Rodriguez as he discussed the multitude of jobs immigrants do. Jobs that, let's face it, most Americans would simply not do. He said that "Thank You" were the two words that had not been spoken during this entire debate. And he would be absolutely right - we have discussed giving and taking and the burden of illegal immigration - but we have not paused to reflect on the gifts that immigrants have bestowed upon us.
I really recommend you listen to the piece. It was very good.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

WaPo on the Prez.

Published by cck at 10:51 AM

I'm sitting at Cool Beans, drinking my second cup of coffee, perusing my favorite newspapers. Usually on Sunday I try to read them in paper, versus virtually. Today, however, I'm blaming the time change for messing with my schedule.

So. I'm reading the Washington Post and I see this as the headline - The President as Average Joe : Trying to boost support, Bush lets down guard and plays up anti-intellectual, regular-guy image.

Does Bush really need to play up an anti-intellectual image? I mean, seriously. C'mon. I don't think the people of this fine nation are scratching their heads, thinking, "I would really like that President, but he's too darn intelligent." Strategery, people, strategery.

The Let-Bush-Be-Bush strategy might be refreshing, but bright it isn't. It is, as the Post suggests, a last ditch attempt to salvage a failing presidency. Bush can traverse this nation - he can hold town hall meeting upon town hall meeting - he can make jokes with the press corps and imitate French accents --- but he cannot return the thousands of lives that he has sacrificed. He cannot turn back time and his bad decisions. He cannnot repair this economy. He cannot return a nation's trust.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Grocery Shopping (the morning of the Cup).

Published by cck at 3:55 PM

I don't know if I've ever shared my love of grocery shopping. I love it. Rows upon rows of orderly stacked items - if you look for it, it can be kind of zen. I love my excursions to the grocery store. I've gotten to the point where I have favorite cashiers. I don't even buy that many groceries. I just like to go look at the possibility of what I could make, what I could cook, what I could create.

This morning, however, it looked like Easter had exploded in nearly every aisle of the Rosewood Publix. I had completely forgotten the Carolina Cup. Folks were running around, purchasing styrofoam coolers, yuengling and ice. (Apparently, the ice thing had to be refilled FOUR times). There were guys in plaid pants, girls in strapless dresses - I remembered the experience fondly. Drinking Bloody Marys and mimosas on the ride down, lots of beer and, often, pimento cheese sandwiches... Sore feet and ruined shoes. Stashing tp and hand sanitizer in our purses because the lovely "bathrooms" would inevitably run out. Seeing so many friends and their friends and their friends... And who can pass up the opportunity to wear a hat?

Then I realized, I might have outgrown the Cup. Shocking, I know. I didn't think I'd ever feel that way -- but when I figured out the date had just about passed me by, I didn't feel too bad. After all, I think I have a date with DLF tonight!

But, if you have stories -- guys in seersucker or girls in white shoes (the horror!) or anything else interesting about this year's Cup - let me know! I'll live vicariously through y'all.