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Saturday, May 31, 2008

On visiting the girls.

Published by cck at 10:27 AM

I saw it. Last night, I sat in a packed theater and watched Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte. It was fantastic.

Delicious. Exactly what I wanted. I couldn't get enough.

Finally! Closure! The movie was visually appealing and gut-wrenching in all the right spots. I teared up twice and once I couldn't stop from sniffling. I loved seeing the girls. I just did. It was like visiting with old friends.

And part of that was remembering friends who weren't afraid to be themselves. Who weren't uptight or stodgy. Who could talk about sex and men and relationships and know that love didn't always mean sex and vice versa. It was remembering talking with a friend about how to give a perfect blowjob. About watching an episode and calling a friend RIGHT after to discuss how I needed to get laid. About knowing something I didn't know about before. The reason this movie means so much to me is because of how I remember my life within much of its contexts.

I will never own more manolos than I do pairs of flip flops. I consider a pair of Nine West an extravagance. C'mon, I drive a saturn. But, I do understand consoling a girlfriend, shoe shopping, laughing with people who know what you did last night. I do understand what it is to be a young woman - wanting it all: career, love, family. And I'll be damned if that's easy.

There were scenes that I loved - New Years Eve with Miranda. Damn, I missed Katie Cali so much. And then others... somewhere in the middle of it I remembered that my first love was getting married (he got married Friday night). Not that I counted our time together in number of episodes, but I remember the day that I finally felt like I could survive without him (forgive me, I was VERY young) and the episode I watched.

I loved it. Hated all the gladiator shoes. Even with the Korean woman sitting next to me translating it for her husband, I loved it. I loved that women in the theater clapped at the good scenes and swooned where appropriate.

Go see it. I'm going again.

Friday, May 30, 2008

SATC: Tonight!

Published by cck at 6:34 AM

I'm going tonight and I cannot wait. I started watching the gals in high school with my best friend Josephina. Each Sunday we'd gather at my house and watch episodes like Funky Spunk. It was - to be honest - a little above our understanding. But, we'd absorb and then discuss.
I remember once, while at the beach on vacation, our rental house didn't have HBO so the entire family - Grami included - crashed a local Holiday Inn to watch the episode we were waiting for. I cannot remember which episode, but I remember laughing. A lot.
That's the thing about a long lasting tv show - whether it's Seinfeld or Sex & The City - part of the affinity is the life that occurred outside of the TV show. Katie Cali and I used to talk about it all the time. I judged if a friend was worthy if she knew what was written on the post-it note or if she remembered early episodes with Carrie's bad hair.
I'm wearing HEELS tonight for the big Tallahassee premier. I bought them years ago at Main & Taylor during one of their seasonal sales. I plan to drink a cosmopolitan and giggle, laugh and chortle. Not necessarily in that order.
I'll let you know what I think. I cannot wait!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My new title:

Published by cck at 8:58 PM

Princess Sparkle Panties.
I think it's hysterical.
Read it - Fugly is the New Pretty

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Memorial Day

Published by cck at 10:28 PM

It's Memorial Day this weekend. Not sure if you knew about that. It's the three-day weekend that represents the start of summer.


The whole Tallahassee clan is heading down south for some sun and sand. I absolutely cannot wait. It's been far too long since I've dipped my toes in the gulf!

Yes, I know it's only Tuesday night. But I'm excited. You would be too if you could come to the beach with us!

Is there a shoe somewhere?

Published by cck at 10:17 PM

Today, a little before lunch time, I was completely shaky. I couldn't focus. I couldn't stop thinking that something was just a little bit wrong.

I chalked it up to not eating breakfast. For about three weeks now, since starting the Metformin, I've been eating breakfast. I've fallen in love with vanilla almond granola over vanilla yogurt. Today I thought I'd be a little adventurous -- SMOOTHIES. It was a mess. A plain yogurt flavored block of mushed up frozen fruit. It didn't even smell appealing. I digress...

And then tonight, I figured it out. You know how some people have a sixth sense? I have it! I usually get all shaky and weirded out when parental craziness is in the works. The days that I get crazy-grams (and it's been quite a while) I can usually figure it out. Needless to say, we got one tonight.

Dude, a spreadsheet? Really?

I'm not waiting for the other shoe to drop. For the past two years - for the first time in my life - I have both shoes firmly on my feet. And I know where I'm going. Parents, you are not invited.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Letting it all hang out...

Published by cck at 4:24 PM

Last night Chris and I watched Jon & Kate Plus Eight. Cute. Adorable. Funny. And man -- all those babies! Oh my goodness! I've been thinking about twins lately... One shot - one pregnancy - and yet two kiddos! Perfect! They can share a car!

Anyway, that's a lot of living in front of an unknown audience. And then Dooce talked about it -- how her daughter, Leta, might resent her because she blogged about their lives. The thing I appreciate is knowing I'm not alone.

Seriously -- knowing that Kate got pregnant even though she has pcos? It's fantastic. Reading A Little Pregnant or DINKS or Bipolar Lawyer Cook or Fussy or Smitten Kitchen? I am not alone. Intellectually, I knew I was never alone. But I don't know my neighbors names, and I don't think I'd feel the urge to discuss a recipe let alone the discuss the fact that I'm bipolar or that I'm finally maxing out my Roth IRA or that I'm reproductively-challenged.

I got a lot of flack from my estranged parents when I wrote simple things like how they weren't involved with wedding planning... (They weren't). It makes me laugh. I don't air dirty laundry on here -- but I do discuss the day to day and random stuff of my life. I love blogging and I love reading good blogs.

Keep it up people. I love what you do. Keep doing it please. I never know what I'm going to stumble across, what I'm going to learn, laugh at or feel. Thank you.

I voted. And, I don't want it counted.

Published by cck at 12:46 PM

As every pundit will tell you - the Clinton campaign does not have the delegate count for success. It's at this point that the problem states of Florida and Michigan raise their heads. And, yes - I know that a million bloggers are - at this very moment - discussing the pros and cons of counting my vote. I just don't think it's right.

I'm not mad at Chairman Dean or at Superdelegate X -- I'm upset with Karen Thurman and the Executive Committee of the Florida Democratic Party. They broke the rules. They are the reason why my votes (and countless others) will not be counted. Florida pushed ahead of the line - and more than that, the FLDP knew the consequences. It was clear -- a teenager rebelling against a parent.

Rules make our party work. And while all of us have had to dust off our calculators and algebraic know-how with our percentage-takes-all primary system, it's what we have. Rules don't just form our Party; rules form communities and our nation. I realize, as liberals, we like to bend and often break rules -- but when we start disobeying the rules we agreed to -- we stop the process.

Senator Clinton - I have had the utmost respect for you for years. In Middle School, I wrote an essay about your life and your service to our nation. I thought you were an inspiring First Lady and your time in the Senate has been tremendous. But please, please for the good of the nation, for the good of Democrats and for the sole purpose of preventing John McCain from ascending to the presidency -- please end your campaign.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The day I further my disgust of Kathie Lee

Published by cck at 8:33 AM

I watched Dooce today (seriously, I've been waiting since 8:30 am) and if there was any respect left for Kathie Lee Gifford it is completely gone.

The woman who made me giggle when I was home sick as a child is a dinosaur. I thought Heather was going to gag when Kathie Lee called her a lovely lady. I gagged when she said she didn't know how to use computers.

I'm sorry -- all you people who refuse to get comfortable with computers -- it's as if you refused to use a telephone. Or INDOOR TOILETS. Get over yourself. If you were 88 years old and it was 1998, you might be considered cute. At this point, you just look sort of sad.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


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Yesterday I started a new medication that promises to change my life. I'm pretty excited - and nervous. Before I left the doctor she told me all about the side effects (which, having read the gazillion message boards, I felt okay with). It's nothing all that weird - nausea and related stuff.
So, when I was informing K. of the side effects - namely farting, all he said was: "Try to keep up bitch."
Ahh, romance.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

I seem to mistake dates

Published by cck at 1:05 PM

the days before Sine Die. Last year (and then again this year) I seemed to forget that Sine Die was FRIDAY and instead celebrated Thursday with wild abandon.

Ha! Funny, huh? So now it's Sunday and I can bear to look at the sun without cringing. It's gorgeous in Tallahassee today. And all I want to do is go to the beach. Anyone for a last minute vacation?