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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sweet Dorkitude

Published by cck at 10:19 PM

I woke up this morning with a sore throat and sniffly nose. I can't tell if I'm getting sick or if it's just pollen. I say just -- the entire world looks like it was sprayed down with guldens mustard. And this is only the beginning.

I went to the movies on Friday night with my boyfriend. I say "boyfriend" because K. got there early and bought tickets and I was a little late and it was like showing up on a date when you're nervous and wondering if you remembered to shave your legs because, like this is the night.

Okay, moving on. Juno made me cry. Weep actually. When CJ Craig told off the snarky ultrasound tech I burst into tears. Man, Lynda - you would totally do that. And it would be fun to watch. I think I might have gotten all the baby emotion out though. My womb has been thumping lately. So, like that was good.

Saturday was gorgeous -- today was too. Bright bright blue sky - spring is everywhere. We stopped by the baseball game and then met one of my clients for dinner. Oh man, then to the pleasantville, ahem, Southwood... The housewarming party we went to was lovely -- and the home is absolutely beautiful. I drove out wondering why we weren't buying a house where I could have granite countertops...

I'm watching the Oscars with my husband tonight. He's been pretty wonderful lately. I'm not sure what I did to deserve this, but man am I thankful. We are so blessed.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

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It's been a delightful weekend here. Delightful. It's early spring everywhere you look - dogwoods blooming, cherry trees bursting -- and man, I could go on and on about the Camillas. And while the pollen is slowly covering every inch of my world, the beauty of seeing shades of pink and yellow against the bright blue sky is so incredibly worth it. (You should have heard me on Saturday cooing over the fact that I was wearing shorts in February).

I had a horrible week at work. So, all week -- all I could think about was happy hour on the porch of Po' Boys. I would walk by certain offices and say, "A pitcher of beer and a straw - it's all I need." And man - that was really awesome. See photo evidence here.

We're on our fourth weekend in a row of newlywed bliss over here. IN A ROW. Now, for those of you who had those easy first years of marriage, I realize this might be a bit of a stretch to understand. I rationalized that since K. and I are moving so fast through relationship hurdles that our first year is like most other's seventh year. (Dog years :: Relationship years). He still catches my eye and winks - still tells me I'm beautiful and even manages to bring me a diet coke now and then. I am incredibly lucky.

I started reading Eat Pray Love. At first, I thought it would be far too bright for me. Wishy. Washy. It's fantastic. Beautifully, smartly written and I am really enjoying it. I've only read through Italy -- but one of my favorite parts thus far was when the author was driving through middle-America writing a petition to God for a peaceful divorce. Michael J. Fox - he signed it. Read the book - seriously people.

And Saturday afternoon, after a visit to Brueger's, Target and getting Pedicures (yes, I capitalized it. It was an event. K. was just enough of an ass on Friday night to deserve some punishment. And instead of breaking something, he accompanied me to get a pedi) -- after all that, we went to Chez Pierre and sat on the porch and drank wine in the setting sun and yes, it really was that ridiculously romantic.

Great weekend. Just what I needed. And, just so you're ready for the First Day of Session evening festivities: check here.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Today is kicking my butt.

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And thus today's Dooce moment was entirely necessary:

And I've decided that when I make a million dollars and can afford to pay for frivolous things like diamond-studded toothpicks or battery-powered underwear that continuously warms the butt, I'm going to hire a team of good-looking men with great hair to stand outside of my shower and applaud when I get out and show them what a great job I did of shaving my legs. And they will be paid bonuses based on how much they make me believe them.
I can get through this. I can get through this. I can get through this.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Postponement Never Felt So Good

Published by cck at 10:33 AM

postponement: an act of deferring, or putting off, to a future time; a temporary delay

I am a procrastinator. So is my husband. You can imagine the problems that arise from two adults who would rather think about that tomorrow. (After all, tomorrow is another day).

So, last week when K. told me he wanted to postpone the Bar, I shuddered. POSTPONE THE BAR??? Every over-sized pore was screaming! WHAT?!?!?!?! And after the initial freak-out, I realized what a smart thing he was doing. He wasn't procrastinating, he was making a smart decision.

There have been quite a few things on our respective plates lately that have nothing to do with the whole "us" mess that's been going on. And he made the right decision. I'm really proud of him.

Plus, what he doesn't know (and I'm not fully telling him, which means I can't tell you dear internet) is that when he walks out 333 S. Franklin in July, I'm going to swoop him up and take somewhere like this:

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

One more self-indulgent post

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So, one other thing -- and this comes from something that I was asked today...
What do I do to soothe, comfort and relax myself? And then, more importantly, what do you expect your partner to do to soothe, comfort and relax you?

MAN. KNOCK ME OUT. I looked at the guy -- um, have we met? Do you understand that I'm trying to be self-sufficient here? I'm not a kittens and hearts kind of girl. What are you talking about???

And then, it donned on me - I have absolutely no idea. I have no idea what the K. kid could do to make me relaxed... Happy? Yeah, sure - he could start doing the dishes on a regular basis or wash my car and I'd be ecstatic. But, relax? Soothed? Are you kidding? It's not like I want him to draw me a bath.

What an interesting question - one I think we're going to try to figure out. Coming from a household where all efforts were directed at the Queen -- it wasn't about what made me soothed, it was about what soothed her. (I swear people, it was Mommie Dearest) So, I'm pretty excited about all this - this discovery of what it means to us.

Soothing? Am I the only person who immediately thought something dirty?

The Other Side

Published by cck at 10:55 PM

Aiight. So that first year of wedded bliss thing -- for me at least, it's been total bull shit.

The last few months stunk. I thought I had made an awful decision and I hoped - with all my heart and soul - that I had not made yet another massive mistake.

I should have had a little more faith. The incredible opportunity that hit K. and I with the speed of a freight train two years ago was a once in a lifetime thing. But, since it wasn't quite the norm - we didn't meet in college, we didn't date for two plus years, we didn't get to know each other's families slowly -- there was no deliberate path that we followed other than racing to be with one another. Since it wasn't the norm, I wondered if what we had done was too extreme.

The three month dating whirlwind filled with travel, crazy parents and summer romance... The insta-engagement (no, I wasn't preggers). It was all so sudden. And, at the time, nothing had ever felt so right - so sure. Which is why the months of marriage we've logged (almost nine) seemed a personal affront. WTF happened to US?

Well, I'm not saying we're back (although I think we are almost there), but I will confidently assert that if this ever happens again - the derailment - because it will, I know we'll know how to get back. So far I'm counting the good days; it's been nine in a row - and I know that soon the days in a row when we haven't fought or broken wine glasses or stormed off or felt afraid will grow in number so that I don't count them anymore -- they just are.

So, to any newlyweds out there that are wondering what they're doing --> get thee to a good psychologist. No one knows how to do this right; and if you've had less than perfect (or hell, downright weird) examples, you might need a little tweaking.

I am so glad he didn't let me give up.

Monday, February 04, 2008

How can you not believe?

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I am so ready for tomorrow.
I get goose bumps.