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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Okay, you Attorney People...

Published by cck at 7:02 PM

Not sure if you can comment, but I'd sure love to see some thoughts on this.

Should we add two seats to the South Carolina Supreme Court? Seems like a good idea - but maybe is a bad idea? I'm all for equal representation - meaning more minorities on the bench. All for it. But should adding seats be the answer? Should making up new rules be the, ahem, benchmark?

What's the precedent for it in the past? Have there always been five justices? Did there used to be three?
I'm not sure why this bothers me on some level. It's like making up new rules because we can't seem to be doing well with the ones we've got.

Nothing like the Flu

Published by cck at 6:57 PM

To make you pause and um, sleep. I'm slowly getting over being dead-to-the-world for the last five days.

I missed three days of work. Count 'em - three. I have so much catching up to do, I'm not quite sure where to start. We have this *big* event coming up in May on the State Hospital grounds that's going to prove to be a-mazing no matter what. I'm excited about that. I'd be more excited if I get to wear the dress I want to wear. Actually, I'd be near ecstatic if I was as thin as the gal in the picture, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Being sick is, in a way, a nice break. Today I was so whiney on the phone that my dad ordered a pizza - delivered to my door no less. I didn't even have to tip the delivery guy. How nice is that! If I had just been whiney on a normal Tuesday (read: Every Tuesday), he would've chuckled and told me to get back to work.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

I should have taken a picture.

Published by cck at 8:58 AM

I have a ghost.
Seriously, I'm not sure if it's a mean ghost or a clumsy ghost, but my apartment is surely haunted. Last night, at approximately six pm, a full bottle of wine careened off the top of my fridge and slammed down against the back door and tile floor of my kitchen.
I wasn't even standing close to the fridge. I was on the other side of the kitchen.

According to Purdue, the frequency-something of the fridge coming on might have transferred something-energy to the bottle of Redhead and sent it on its fateful flight. I'm not sure I believe Purdue, but considering he's one of those mechanical engineer people, I might just have to.

I think it was a ghost. Either way, it was a mess to clean up. Red. Wine. Tile. Floor. Wooden. Door. Mess. I used Lysol and the kitchen still smells slightly of fermented grapes.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

50th & 30%

Published by cck at 4:43 PM

Poor Mr. Sanford.
It seems to me that the man living over on Lincoln (he lives on Lincoln, not Richland - c'mon people) is having a bit of trouble managing the state. As noted on the LaurinLine, Mr. Sanford has driven this state to rank 50th in unemployment (roughly at 7.1%, I believe). Yes, folks - that's past Louisiana. (I realize that a lot of revitalization is happening in LA right now... But the whole state was ravaged last year. Ravaged. Destroyed. Shouldn't that account for some sort of ranking PAST OURS???).
Of course, Mississippi - my former home - outranks us. Go Mississippi! Also, as I learned on a plane ride, Mississippi is the state with the lowest IQ. Connection?

The thing I'm really interested in is a Survey USA poll that was published this week - showing Sanford's unfavorables (downright negatives) among self-centered - I mean, self-identified - Conservatives. Thirty percent. 30%. That's right, my friends, 30% of Republicans - registered voters in the state of South Carolina - disapprove of the job the Governor is doing. It's beginning to look a lot like '98!

One of my favorite Barnwellians did the math last night -- let's say the state votes as if 60% were Republicans and 40% were Democrats. If Sanford lost 30% of the 60% - that would mean 18% of the general vote. Add that to the Democrats 40% (assuming, yes I know - assuming that we could hold onto 40%), and the Dems would have 52% of the vote. Hallelujah, it's time for good things to be happening in South Carolina (like full funding of education, return of the Triple-A Bond rating, infrastructure repair, etc, etc, etc).

An Evening on Hampton Street

Published by cck at 9:08 AM

Yesterday was the SCDP's monthly Executive Committee meeting. Highly interesting. We heard from two Congressional candidates, I realized I still had a crush on someone in the room (hush!), and finally - finally - the SCDP is in the black.
One of my favorite things to see is old friends getting together. It was wonderful to see Sumter County shaking Bamberg's hand and Oconee slapping Horry on the back. Wishes of "Merry Christmas!" and "Happy New Year!" echoed as folks caught up with each other after the long break. Our Chairman was fired up and while his comments on "It's a party of WE, not ME," fell a little flat, his enthusiasm was catchy.
Afterwards, I headed to Publick House with WRB and the other WB and various guys that I hadn't seen in nearly a month. While they told racy stories and I pretended to blush, we caught up on happenings in campaigns and I realized that the Democratic party is heavily segmented (I know, I'm *so* smart). The folks at Drinking Liberally were, however, (perhaps) not as pragmatic as I would have hoped for such a gathering of liberals. But, again, shock.
We traveled around and ended up at Gracie's playing the bowling game, which I highly recommend. I had the third highest score - which I am going to take great pride in as I a) missed a turn because my stockings ran and b) had never played the game before. Damn stockings, if only I'd worn pants...
Also - so fun, ran in to my friend Annie O from High School... GooooooO Mavs! It was great to see her and catch up with her life.

Olivia! George!

Published by cck at 9:04 AM

I meant to mention my *favorite* new stamp collection. Hat-tip to Katie-Cali, all the way from St. Louis. This lovely collection features my favorite story-book character, Olivia. If you haven't picked up an Olivia book, you are missing out. She's heavily featured on my coffee table.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Um, no, that's not exactly what I think.

Published by cck at 9:31 AM

''You don't have to worry about him in the committee,'' Bush said at Kansas State University on Monday. He called Alito ''a very, very smart, capable man. When you talk to Sam Alito, you think, 'smart judge.'" [emphasis added]
Well, of course he's smart. He has a couple of very prestigious degrees and he's gotten fairly far in life... But, let's be honest here - he's not the man we want replacing the SWING VOTE on the SUPREME COURT, now is he?
As a woman, he scares me to death. As a potential mother he scares me even more. (Okay, maybe more honest is "potential aunt," but still). I know, in all likelihood, that he will walk the hallowed halls of Marshall and Black. It's just unnerving to see so many Republicans agreeing with a supposedly unpopular president. Where's the rebellion we see in South Carolina's General Assembly? My guess is if Marky Mark wanted a justice confirmed he'd have to invent another piglet stunt for general popularity and approval.

Sigh. I just don't think Alito is the one. But, then again - I've been notoriously bad picking "the ones," both for myself and others.

My Newest Favorite Makeup Thingy

Published by cck at 9:00 AM

Anything that saves time in the morning is going to be a favorite. The fact that this mineral foundation is an all-in-one might make it to my all time favorite-things-ever shelf.
Susan Posnick makes Colorflo, which can be found at Pout! on Devine. It's not too pricey - and the gals at Pout! assured me it would last for more than a season.
Plus, with mineral makeup (as opposed to liquid foundation), the effect is so minimal, so natural - I am a fan. Might be because I really don't like liquid foundation... Regardless - this stuff evens out skin tone and is the easiest thing to put on. Plus, it'll fit in your purse for touch-ups.

Meet Virginia.

Published by cck at 7:39 AM

My long-time, dear friend VW called me last night to see how I was faring. Seeing as how I'm better than I have been in a year, I was sure to fill her in on all sorts of details. She shared some of her newest dating horror stories...

My favorite:
She went out on a few dates with a nice fellow, whom she nicknamed Braindead. VW is not nice. I mean, she is... Just not so much to people who act braindead. Poor guy though, he died on New Years' Eve, from being run over by a car. I kid you not. I am so not letting her nickname me n-e-thing.

The Way to Start a Morning

Published by cck at 7:31 AM

Oha! Last night I decided that I wasn't going to be a Columbia Athletic Girl any longer -- just not my cup of tea, so I went over and joined Hampton Hills. Oha!
Got up this AM around 5:15 to head over and test my long-ago skill of imitating dying on an elliptical machine. I've still got it! I thought I'd hate getting up so early in the morning, but really - it was quite refreshing. Good NPR and a Diet Coke reward (yes, I did have one on the way over and one on the way back to my house!) made it all worth it.
Plus, I got to work a little after seven, which enabled me to actually get some stuff done. I'm leaving early for SCDP Exec Committee and then an evening of Drinking Liberally with Wilson. If anything interesting happens at the EC, I'll be sure to let you know.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Mr. Friendly's

Published by cck at 4:51 PM

I have a best friend who sends me all kinds of things - from invites to Gay Rodeos to information for shoe sales.
This week's adventure is an Under Thirty wine tasting at Mr. Friendly's. Who wants to go?

Back in the Saddle

Published by cck at 4:41 PM

As counties begin to reorganize in anticipation of an electric election cycle, I think my travels might get even more interesting than McCormick County (as if that's possible!).
YD's are going to be traveling the state drumming up hope and help from the under-thirty set. And I'm going to help out my favorite Democratic candidate by passing out bumper stickers and fliers (oh joy!). If you're dying to know who that dashing Democrat is - it's none other than
the Mayor of Florence,
Mr. Frank Willis!
Here comes an interesting election year... Oh, 2006!

Undergrad, Schmundergrad

Published by cck at 4:31 PM

As I typed the last post - mentioning my former life as an undergrad at Carolina - I realized how long ago that was. Nearly three years ago, I was a senior brimming with hope and anticipation at a life in law school, at a life as an adult.
Now, nearly three years out, how is that really different? Yup, I made the decision to leave graduate school (smart, smart, smart) and yes, now I'm right on that verge of really being an adult, but c'mon - have things changed?
I'm still brimming with hope and anticipation (and that has nothing to do with TBell's conversation this afternoon). It's more on account that everyday now is how I make it. I live according to my own rules and mores - from whether I put away my clean dishes to when I pay my bills (usually on time). If I thought being in college was a self-centered time, I had no idea what it would be like in my mid-twenties when the only responsibility would be a kitten.
I like this life though. Despite a few unexpected twists, my life is different and better, all at the same time. I have dear friends, an incredible family and a highly interesting position doing something I really enjoy. Life is really very good...

How I miss Thee...

Published by cck at 4:28 PM

Oh Trillian.
Socratic told me about Trillian a couple of years ago, when I was still in undergrad at Carolina. It changed my life in a way only a chat program could. It was wonderful.
I say "was," because at my new place of employment I can't seem to download the program. I've tried everything - all to no avail.
It's like working without a telephone, I tell you.
I miss you, dear Trillian. If anyone has any ideas of how to download the greatest thing ever, please let me know.

So no ATL...

Published by cck at 8:37 AM

I decided not to go to the ATL when a sinus infection (blah!) took over my head. I thought I needed rest and relaxation - a quiet weekend of reflection. Um, not so much.

After locking myself out of my apartment with a frantic kitten inside, I almost drove to Gvegas to nurse re-opened wounds and feel the comfort of my parents. Instead, I went grocery shopping. Ahhhh, Publix - the delight of picking out apples and fresh spinach, pasta and frozen meals, yogurt and crackers. I'm set for the next two weeks, I swear.
After visiting DLF late in the evening, I decided I *needed* to go out. It was dramatic. It was neccessary. I had to go out. Met up with a friend and we went to Jake's and Speakeasy. Around the time of Speakeasy, however, my friend started to get a little, um, out of control. Enough to rouse the suspicion of the bartenders, the bouncer and a few very friendly gentleman. I was rescued to say the least and ended up meeting Purdue.
After traveling with me around Five Points (I was on a mission), we devoured pizza at the new pizza place on Harden. Um, yeah - it was delicious. Jen, I hate to say it, but almost better than Dr. Rocco's cart.
All in all, highly acceptable evening. Purdue certainly seems interesting...

"Make New Friends,

Published by cck at 8:26 AM

But keep the old ones.
One is silver and the other is gold."

Maybe it's been one too many girl scout cookies this weekend - but the song keeps re-playing in my head. I remember my mother singing this song, and I'll be honest - at six - I probably didn't know what she was talking about.
I'm convinced that friends come in and out of our collective lives for reasons that I do not deem to understand. Old friends that you believed would watch your children grow up turn out to be people you don't know very well. New friends that you swore drove you up the wall turn out to be more understanding and supportive than you care to admit. It's all a matter of timing - and I swear, what God wants you to learn - at any given point in a relationship.

One is silver, the other is gold. What's before silver? What's after gold?

Friday, January 20, 2006


Published by cck at 8:05 AM

I leave tomorrow and I really can't wait to visit ATL. I'm definetely going shopping, even though two weekends of big-city shopping - in a row - might mean that I'm eating ramen next week. Ah well, it's a weight loss plan, right?
I still can't decide on the perfect shoe choice. I am torn between velvet wedges and my fabulous tall chocolate brown boots. Totally different choices - with, let's face it, totally different outfits associated with each choice.
I did procure a bottle of Redheaded Red to take over. Since I'm no longer a red head, thanks to a late-night decision to hi-light, I thought it was funny. And nice to sip. Totally recommend it - an old friend had it at her house one night for dinner and I've been looking for it ever since. (Tip: World Market).

Badger Balm

Published by cck at 8:01 AM

Badger Balm. I have to give a shout-out to Lynda Ann for turning me on to the stuff. It's a-mazing.
I think it's the Olive Oil that makes it slippery-slick on your lips, but also really repairs chapped lips. I totally recommend the Chai Rose flavor - it being my favorite - and also the original, non-mint kind. I don't care for the mint stuff.

Thomas in the Afternoon

Published by cck at 7:57 AM

Around the time when I passionately uttered, "It's time for a NEW Governor," approximately thirty feet from the Governor's Office, my dearest Brother - the one and only MSS - decided it was time to call in to the syndicated Andy Thomas Show.
Yes, I heard the voice coming through the speakers - but it didn't register with me until after the show that the MSS I had heard, was indeed, my Little Brother.
Some weeks, life throws punches that you swore you had dodged before. That's when stuff like Little Brothers calling in to your radio show makes it all worth it.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Other AT

Published by cck at 8:28 AM

If anyone cares to listen - a bunch of us YD's are going to be on the Andy Thomas Show this afternoon. *I think.*
Still getting in details - but it should be interesting. Put me up against a YR any day of the week.

About the ATL...

Published by cck at 8:18 AM

I'm traveling to the ATL this weekend. It's not that Cola doesn't have lovely shopping or nightlife - but after getting a taste of DC last weekend, I think I want another City Weekend.
So, when I was invited to come visit Hotlanta by a dear friend, how could I pass that up? I think I'm going to leave on Friday after work. Or maybe Saturday morning depending on how much sleep I catch up with (yes, I know it's a myth that you catch up on sleep, but I like believing in it). Wa-hoo! I'm excited.
Talked to M-Lou about it and she's all for it. She might even join me in Midtown on Saturday night - here's hoping. The South Bull Street girls haven't been out in a while.
Furthermore, I'm scoping out tickets to St. Louis to see K-Cali -- once was simply not enough. I do want to visit the zoo and surrounding um, life. Even if all the guys are painfully metro...

Thanks M&D!

Published by cck at 8:16 AM

Idn't it lovely? Thanks M&D for sending a beautiful tree to the place where, I'm finding, I spend most of my time.
Last night's party was a success - and I think it makes people look all the more forward to the Bull Street Ball (May 20th).

He got Diet Coke!

Published by cck at 7:54 AM

When MSS picked me up at National (for some reason I refuse to call it Reagan), there was a twelve-pack of DC in the back of his vehicle. Thanks Little Brother. I think I drank more than half of it over the weekend. In return for his consideration of my habit - I got him that --> (Yes, it's an inside joke).
What a weekend!
We stayed up late on Friday/Saturday Morning (my plane didn't arrive to DC until 12:31 AM) and watched movies and caught up. His apartment is fabulous. His roommate, PB, is a great guy - I'm glad MSS has someone so nice to live with. They're hysterical together.
Saturday, MSS and I got the brilliant idea to rent a car. (What a perk to being 25!) We finagled ourselves into an SUV for the weekend from the local Enterprise dealer. Um, yeah - having never driven myself in DC - it was quite an experience to make my way into Georgetown. I ended up somewhere on Dupont Circle until I figured out how to find M Street.
Once I did, however, was I pleased! Yeah, shopping in Charlotte is nice - and even trekking to ATL has its advantages (more on that later), but M Street is a Mecca. It's fabulous. I took my time visiting shop to shop - found a great paperie - fell in love with Anthropologie (new jeans - size smaller than I usually wear - Hallelujah!) and H&M (whole new going out wardrobe), etc etc etc. Good times.
MSS got off early from Training, so we went to IKEA in Woodbridge, where it started snowing. My little brother was sick, so we opted to get some burgers and head home to watch some movies instead of going out. Yeah, that didn't happen. We ended up at a place around the corner - and OMG - it was a Country Western Bar. Dear LORD!
Had a great time two-stepping with MSS's friends. We closed the place. Pictures - hysterical. I'm just still so relieved we didn't go to a club...
Sunday we took the Metro in to town and went to the Hirschorn and the National Air & Space Museum. There's a wall of planes at Air & Space -- MSS can name any and all of them. I was so impressed.
I hated that I had to leave. It was so incredibly good to see my brother. He's my one and only sibling - my truest best friend - and he was a spectacular host. Thanks to M&D for the ticket. Great gift.
Thanks MSS - you are a good brother; the best one I've got. And it was funtimes hanging out with you. Thanks.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Published by cck at 9:21 PM

I am having so *much* fun with MSS - it is almost unbelievable. Boy got out of training early - so I left G'Town and headed back to Alexandria. We went shopping together - it started snowing - so cool to walk through snow!

We're about to go out to G'Town again. MSS's buddy has someplace for us to go... Interesting to say the least.

Memorable quotes thus far:

MSS: "I'm the best drunk driver I know."
CCS: "I know, and that's why I trust you."

MSS: "Dude, that was totally dangerous."
(As a truck careens towards our rental, as we cut across three lanes of busy opposing traffic).

CCS to Enterprise Rental Guy: "I'm from the Dirty Dirty." (In reference to my preference for
Hip Hop).

Friday, January 13, 2006

I might start a countdown on my digital watch.

Published by cck at 8:03 AM

Yes, it's almost time for me to leave for DC!!! I have errands to run after I leave work at 3 pm, but then I'm destined for the Capital City! Wahoo! I am so excited to see MSS; I cannot stand it.
Poor kid's had a cold this week, but he's had some time to recoup. I almost feel bad going up when he's been sick - he should probably rest a little bit more, but I'm greedy - what can I say?
There's something about brothers. No matter what kind of punk he's being or what he says - you know that he would fight to the death to protect you. Well, maybe not to the death - but pretty darn close. He's loyal and he loves you.
Plus, we're going to do some real sightseeing. Saturday we're going shopping (my favorite type of sightseeing) and Sunday we're going around the city - the Mall - the monuments. We've decided to stop a couple of places that we frequented when we were in High School. Our idea, as a thank you for M&D for sending me to DC, is to frame one of the pictures of the two of us from high school - next to a picture of us now. (Go ahead, you want to say "ahhhhhh..."). Sometimes, we're too dorky for words.

It's This Way (and Point).

Published by cck at 7:31 AM

Last night I drove to McCormick. I had no idea 378 went so far west. And it keeps going past McCormick! Into Georgia! Imagine my surprise.
Serving as an officer of the South Carolina Democratic Party - occasions to drive to McCormick are few and far between. So, of course I jumped at the chance at addressing the McCormick County Democratic Party. My speech was titled "25 & Still a Democrat." I know, catchy, right?
I had dinner at the Chair's house - it was lovely. I was nervous before speaking, so didn't dive into the food like I normally would... Shame, it was good.
The speech went well. The audience laughed when they were supposed to, clapped when they were supposed to, and (I won't lie) I brought them to their feet once. It was good times in McCormick County.
The adventure really came on the way back from McCormick. I ran out of gas. Well, not really - but I was about to run out of gas. I didn't have my bank card (darn switching purses). I did have, however, four dollars and thirty-two cents. I was amazed at the amount of change living in my car - hiding in my car. I got my nearly two gallons of gas and was on my way. I made it home to Cola with some gas to spare.
What a night. If anyone wants to know why I'm a Democrat - this is a little bit of an excerpt:
"I'm a Democrat because I believe in Opportunity. I believe everyone should have an equal shot at living the American Dream. I believe in security and freedom (and that they can go hand in hand) and I believe in equality. I believe in upholding the rights of minorities and women; I believe in protecting the disabled and I believe in supporting our troops and veterans. I believe in universal health care and good public education.
I want more for this state and nation, not less.
That's why I'm a Democrat.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Finishing a Grant...

Published by cck at 3:07 PM

And putting it in the mail - a day before the deadline - is an absolutely fabulous feeling.

The Best Lipstick EVAH

Published by cck at 8:47 AM

I just feel like I need to share this little tidbit of knowledge with anyone who wears lipstick. Or really, more importantly, who doesn't wear lipstick because it COMES OFF AS SOON AS YOU PUT IT ON.

I was one of those people. I despised lipstick. I ached for lipstick. I actually had a supervisor - at an old job - tell me that if I wanted to be more adult I would wear lipstick. (Of course, this is the same supervisor who told me my hair would really "shine" if I got it done by a professional. But I digress).

I have found The One. I rave about MAC a lot - but this stuff is the absolute bomb. Pro Longwear Lipcolor. Get it Now. It stays on all day - through lunch. It doesn't bleed or get on your teeth or anything.
It does dry out your lip a little teeny bit, which is why I recommend (thanks JRo for the restock!) this Clinique product - Superbalm at night.

All in all, fabulous product.

This Alito Character...

Published by cck at 8:26 AM

"The debate over Judge Alito is generally presented as one between Republicans and Democrats. But his testimony should trouble moderate Republicans, especially those who favor abortion rights or are concerned about presidential excesses. The hearings may be short on fireworks, but they have produced, through Judge Alito's words, an array of reasons to be concerned about this nomination."
NYTimes 1.12.06 (Full Opinion)

As a Democrat, I'm inherently concerned about a Republican President's nomination for the Supreme Court. But what stumps me is - shouldn't everyone? I realize I'm jumping on the bandwagon a little late with this one and maybe it really was Kate Michelman's MTP appearance that spurred me on, but shouldn't the nation be up in arms with a judicial nominee that believes "very strongly" in "the supremacy of the elected branches of government" on a job application? Shouldn't the nation be alarmed that our system of checks and balances could be undermined - like, alot?

And Alito doesn't really have a lot of experience protecting the Little Guy. I mean, this nation is primarily Little Guys, right? I liked Biden's quote (I liked his whole opening statement), "And the debate raging today is about whether we'll continue along that path or whether our courts will continue -- and whether our courts will continue to be one of the places where society puts the little guy -- and I know this is not something you're supposed to say -- the little guy on the same footing with the big guy. The one place that David is equal to Goliath is in the Supreme Court." I want David and Goliath to be - at least - on equal footing. And really, Alito hasn't shown that he's willing to do that... at all.

I realize I'm not a lawyer - and surprisingly, most of the people in this nation aren't attorneys either - but we love the law. If we didn't would Law & Order have thirty-six spin-offs? Why aren't we calling our Senators - shouting from the rooftops, "This man might be really really bad for our country!"

I've decided I am. I'm calling our Senators today - I'm writing letters to them both - and I'm going to say that this man should not be confirmed. I realize I might be a little late to the ballgame. (I'll probably have to fax them). But really - should a man threatening our reproductive rights (since Roe v. Wade isn't, according to him, "settled law"), should this man be confirmed?

What do y'all think?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

You Really Can't Tell How Badly...

Published by cck at 7:49 PM

This sucker is leaning. Or maybe you can.

I built my desk - which is still standing - and a true testament to my build-from-a-kit skills. But something tells me that this lovely shelf from Target is not going to last much longer. Like, ever.

Seriously, you've got to worry about something that comes with its own wood colored marker.

So, now I'm at work at 8 pm, which I secretly love. I framed a few pictures. I like working late, occassionally - especially when you're working toward something. Whether it be a grant or an event or a project of some sort. It's fun. It's purposeful.
I don't have cable yet.

Life is a Banquet, thanks to Auntie Mame

Published by cck at 4:10 PM

I wanted to introduce y'all to Auntie Mame.
Of course, I think everyone should read the book and watch the movie - I'll be happy enough to share a little magic that (and I kid you not) influenced my life.

Auntie Mame is the story of an eccentric woman gains custody and rears her nephew. Mame has no idea how to raise a child and one of her first ideas is to give her young charge a notebook and tell him to write down words he doesn't understand. At the end of the night, young Patrick Dennis has a pad full of bizarre and age-inappropriate language. I can't wait to do that to a child.

Follow Mame and Little Patrick through all sorts of escapades - from fishberry jam to a nude school room to evil fiances - it's a classic. Mame will "open doors you never even knew existed." Seriously, her clothes and jewelry are enough of a reason to watch.

Thoughts of DC

Published by cck at 8:25 AM

I'm taking planning for this trip to DC to a whole new level. I have already made a list of everything I am going to wear and bring - and I mean everything. To the extent of what earrings are going with me to the District. When did I become such a planner?

For the one outfit that is giving me trouble, I have scoured online stores. I have determined that I must go to McLean so I can visit Anthropologie, M Street for Urban Outfitters, and various other stores that just *might* have what I'm looking for.
Okay, the reason I'm having trouble with this particular outfit, is that my brother wants to go to a club. A CLUB. Now, I have been to clubs - there was one memorable night at Ra in Tampa, or not so memorable as the case may be - but clubs aren't really (and I feel like the dork that I am for saying this) my scene. I prefer to drink a beer or my vodka soda (in a plastic cup) on the back porch of Jake's or some equally wood-paneled-laid-back-sit-and-drink-till-you-get-drunk bar. What business do I have being in a club with MY BROTHER?

If anyone has any fabulous shopping suggestions, please shout them out.
Oh, and I am taking a camera with me on this Club adventure. Oh, there will be pictures.

About those Oyster Shooters.

Published by cck at 8:13 AM

It's all MacDougall's fault. He plotted with JCG and suddenly - before my very eyes - a very large shot was delivered to me. Yum. Spicy, tangy, and best of all, with an oyster on the bottom, the Birthday Oyster Shooter was delish. Thanks!

If you've never been to the Oyster Bar - get yourself there, quickly. It was superb. First of all, I am an out-and-out fan of anywhere that will do your shucking for you. I mean, hello. I just get to sit on a stool, plotting my hot sauce attack, while some nice young man puts perfectly large steamed oysters in a little bowl for me. I am so there.

More than the oyster shooter or delicious oysters (Did I mention the shrimp?), was getting together with good friends. Yes, I arrived late. Four minutes late. (Let's just say I made an entrance). We missed a couple of the usual suspects - MKC in Nashville, TD somewhere in the Brown Box, Lil' Floyd somewhere at the Med School. But for those of you who braved the seventy degree weather (what is going on with that in January, btw???) to come wish me a Happy Birthday, I thank you. It was a true pleasure to be in your company for an evening.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Quarter Century... Yes, Yes & Yes.

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I woke up early today. I love birthdays. I don't necessarily take it to a whole new level like some (ahem, JCG), but I have been known to get down on the ninth.
For instance, my family often celebrates Half-Birthdays. MSS and I get half a cake; we're serenaded with half of a song. We do get a whole present, but it's only half wrapped.
The Birthday Bunny did not make an appearance in my room this morning - but as all my family now lives in the sunny state of South Carolina, he's probably on a well-earned vacation. Anyone who wants details of what the BB is or what the BB does on an annual basis, let me know.
Meanwhile, I'm now a quarter century old. My goodness. I thought I was going to "freak-out" over turning twenty-five, but this morning I couldn't get over the joy of having another birthday. Another chance to celebrate with friends and family. Another year to make mistakes and learn things and experience grand ole life.
Yes, I am a dork. Yes, I am usually mushy. And Yes, it really is sincere.
Happy Birthday to me.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sunday... at the office.

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Part of starting a new job (read: I started in November), is doing whatever one's boss asks. Not like that ever stops, let's be honest. In my case, I had the highly enjoyable task of using my minimal interior decorating skills to pick out art for our offices. Yes, I was given the coveted credit card and told to go shopping.
I love my job.
Nonetheless, all day shopping excursions mean limited available time to finish needed sponsorship and/or funding grants. So, now I'm in the office on this fantastically sunny and beautiful Sunday. It's only almost one, so I'm hoping to be outta here by three so I can enjoy some time on my new bike. (Yes, I got a bike for Christmas. And yes MSS, I think I might even ride the durn thing).
So, now here I sit - starting a blog about my life and my constant supply of Diet Coke - procrastinating starting a sponsorship grant. I do have a Diet Coke on my desk, so all is not lost.
I am, however, tingly with anticipation. I leave Friday afternoon for Washington DC to visit my little brother, the infamous MSS, who is stationed in our capital city. He asked if I had anything he needed to have on hand in the apartment where he lives - I uttered two words - Diet Coke. He had the audacity to laugh. I don't think he understands how necessary DC is for me in the mornings. It's Diet Coke, then coffee. Then Diet coke again. Sigh, little brothers.