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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

can't be bought

Published by cck at 10:24 PM

I've already voted. I'll be traveling next week -- and today I mailed my ballot back to Ion Sancho.

I love voting -- my favorite professor and political mentor told me it was akin to communion. Voting was a sacred ritual with my government, and every cycle I take it very seriously. Of course, I had to wait until I moved to Florida to vote for the people that transition from candidates to elected officials. I used to think it didn't matter that my candidates never won, but it certainly feels better to go to a victory party that does actually end in victory.

This year, the races are tight (other than US Senate, I should add). I voted for Alex Sink. Not shocking considering the fact that I'm a Democrat and used to compare myself to Harold Ickes ("I'd put my hand over a flame for the Democratic Party").

I read tonight that Rick Scott has pumped $48.8 million of his own fortune into his campaign and is now raiding his wife's trust fund for more (naked truth here). I commend him for dedication and desire and all that -- but seriously, Rick Scott? What do you need to buy that you haven't already bought? I understand your competitive nature - we're close to the end and what's a few more million, huh?

A few more million might be the difference between a community center for a county and another round of ads in Orlando. A few more million provides travel expenses for volunteer advocates for several years. A few more million feeds, clothes, educates more Floridians than your ads will solicit votes.

If you really want to make a difference, don't talk at me about Arizona immigration laws and your "conservative" values. The political mentor I mentioned above told me I didn't need an office or a fancy strategic plan, I just needed to walk out my front door determined to make a difference.

I think Alex Sink will make that difference -- and I think she's proved it with successes and lessons learned as the CFO. Rick Scott has only learned that money makes things go his way -- I guess there's a flip side he'll (hopefully) learn about on Tuesday night.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Baby Boom

Published by cck at 7:16 PM

I have been having, night after night, dreams that I am having a baby. SPOILER ALERT: I am NOT pregnant, nor am I trying to get pregnant. They aren't stressful dreams, by any means. Instead, it's somehow peaceful and exciting. I'm showing my family I'm pregnant, I'm climbing a mountain while pregnant, I'm entertaining while I'm pregnant -- dude, I might as well be playing hopscotch. It's good times with a big ole pregnancy belly.

And instead of feeling anxious or nervous or flat out petrified of these dreams, I'm happy. Well, I was happy after I googled "pregnancy dreams" and found out that positive pregnancy dreams are much more about rebirth than about actual gestation.

Whew. I can work with that.