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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm Back... (from outer space)

Published by cck at 6:59 AM

Or Jamaica. Whichever is closer.
I'm back. And I am a married woman. In the past week and a half, I have wondered: When the hell did this happen? I am in awe of all of it. While I realize it's difficult to be unhappy while sipping fruity concoctions on a tropical beach, I must say - this marriage stuff is really nice.

I've got a ton of stories and observations that I will, most likely, bore you with. Some of it funny and some of it revealing my incredibly mushy goober side. I really liked getting married; I never want to do it again.

However, this morning - I better get moving. I'm off to the Social Security Office, the DMV, the post office to change my passport and the bank. I am officially dropping "Stauffer." I'm procrastinating.

Here's my favorite picture from the Honeymoon (one of about five). Just so you know, it rained every single day - several of those days it rained straight through. I loved every minute.