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Saturday, December 04, 2010

so, we need a little christmas

Published by cck at 11:12 AM

Despite my pledge to avoid Christmas at all costs, I am now in the thick of it. We're heading out to buy a Christmas Tree today from the Boy Scouts (bless them and their coupons), I have fifteen pounds of assorted nuts to turn into presents, and I've even chosen the theme for my wrapping. And all of a sudden, it's Christmas.

I'm still hoping to go on vacation over the big day -- steering clear of overbearing families and unfamiliar traditions. I have not been on vacation since my honeymoon, and after the butt-kicking of 2009 and 2010, I want one -- no, I need one.

Luckily, K. has finally agreed (or broken down, I'm not sure which) and we've decided where to go if (oh, lordy I hope it's when) I get my Christmas bonus. In the meantime, he's actually helped finish a craft or two and will definitely be helping with the Great Walnut/Pecan/Almond Roast of 2010. I almost wrote "Nut Roast" but realized that might cause a certain, ahem, backlash.

Also on board for Christmas, helping out a certain Republican and one flag maker. I'm a little overwhelmed with it all, but - sometimes - I'm not sure what life would be like if my hair wasn't a little on fire.