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Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Couple of Things...

Published by cck at 7:19 AM

1) We got Miami tickets (I think). I've never been to a Miami game, however I can't imagine that Miami fans are any worse than LSU fans. (Have I ever told you that story? 8 am on the Friday before the LSU v. Ole Miss game -- I'm getting coffee on the Square at Bottletree Bakery (it's so amazingly good). Anyway, I turn away from the counter and there are four men in varying degrees of full body paint. It's Friday. 8 am. It's not game day. Those folks are intense).

2) I'm in love with HBO's Tell Me You Love Me. After I got past the sex scenes (of which there are many), I am enthralled in the stories of the couples. It's intimate - and that's why I think I can get past what would be, on any other show, gratuitous sex. It's on Sunday at 9 pm.

3) Today might actually be cool in Tallahassee. I say "cool," when what I really mean is the outside world won't resemble a sauna. WahOO! I cannot wait for fall. I love the month of October. Yesterday, I posted October's Party - which my mom would usually read to us in the beginning of October. K. saw that and sent me flowers yesterday - all he said was "Happy Fall." Who does that? How did I get this lucky?