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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Football Widow

Published by cck at 7:59 PM

I dated a guy once who made me a sports widow. I could barely be in the same room when he watched a game -- let alone talk to him. He didn't watch basketball that much - but that didn't matter, college baseball had started. I vowed that I would never become a sports widow.

Tonight, after eating a delicious dinner of asparagus tart and stuffed mushrooms, K. turned on the USF v. Rutgers game. All things considered, I suppose I'm a Rutgers fan. My maternal family is from Highland Park, NJ - right next to Rutgers (New Brunswick). Go Scarlet Knights!!!

My husband is rather vocal during games. I'd go as far as obnoxious. LOUD. ANNOYINGLY LOUD. Last Thursday when FSU was loosing to NC State, I made him close the windows because I was worried that the family that lives four houses away would fear for their kids' innocence.

While he's passionate about his football, I have no worries of becoming a football widow. He just looked at me - and in all honesty - asked if I wanted to make out during the timeouts. Ahhh, love.