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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Taurus

Published by cck at 8:20 AM

I love reading other blogs. And these days, it seems that's all I'm doing. I stumbled across Uppercase Woman a few months ago and really enjoy her pithy commentary. Yesterday, she wrote about her favorite car here.

I have had quite a few cars... And while my first thought is to offer up the Red Saturn Vue that was an engagement present, my favorite car of all time has to be my first one - the Taurus. It was a beige (I think my Dad called it sand) 1995 Ford Taurus and man, we were close friends.

My Dad drove it for a year or so before he turned it over to me. At the time, I was devastated. When you go to high school with the sons and daughters of the managers over at the BMW plant, it's easy to expand your expectations. Despite the fact that I was downright giddy at getting a car, I sort of wanted to pick something out myself. (You know, like my brother did a year later. I'm not bitter.)

However, on the day it was turned over for good - I sensed it. FREEDOM. I put a purple peace frog on the back window, purchased in Georgetown, of course. Also, let us not forget, the pink bumper sticker with some sort of vegetarian message. I love animals? Don't eat them? Something like that. I was so set for my 1.25 mile drive to high school. Ahhh, suburban middle class hippiedom.

That was when gas was .89 cents a gallon. We used to fill up just to drive around. I tutored one of my friend's brothers for gas money. So two of my friends - oddly, both named Erin - would get in the front seat of the Taurus and we'd cruise around Greenville... All in the front seat. It was hysterical. EVERYTHING would fit in that car. And I hauled it around.

My father sold it during my freshman year in college and I was so sad. Two more beige-ish Tauri followed. After that, I'll never buy a beige car again.


Anonymous said...

Chrissy, I loved my white Taurus with the red velvet interior (1992! )- but hated that I did not get to pick it out myself. I remember the feeling of it being MINE though. So freeing. I adorned it with an "Oobe" sticker that was designed to mimic the Ford logo, and covered the said Ford logo on the trunk with it. And then plastered the rear window with a multi-colored/tie-dye PeaceFrog, and many VT stickers (which were then later replaced by Clemson ones, due to scholarships & parental pressure). It died in Columbia in 1999 - on my "way to see Chrissy at USC." Do you remember me calling you and telling you that not totally true story?

And that Hess station at the corner of Woodruff and Miller (?) always had the cheapest gas for cruising . . . Probably with The Erins or maybe Sarah I. or Jill H. Or just driving to the WaHou. I could fill 'er up for under ten bucks! And, I too hated my younger brother's "luck" at choosing his own car a few years later. . . But wouldn't you know, he chose a "sand" colored 1995 Taurus (could it have been yours?!) that he drove until 2008.

Ah, Mauldin/Simpsonville/Greenville as a teen in the late 1990s.

XOXO - Annie "O"