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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Waiting for takeout.

Published by cck at 8:08 PM

I was waiting for dinner tonight (I think I've cooked four times in the last four months), and a woman sat down next to me. I barely looked up - I was playing on my phone and internally huffing over the wait.

She leaned over and asked to see my ring. I was completely taken aback. What? I mean, seriously? As I lifted my left hand she grabbed it. Apparently she had just gotten engaged (after 2 1/2 years she complained). I offered my congratulations. However, the weirdness didn't stop there.

She went on to suggest that marriage wasn't any fun and she wasn't actually looking forward to getting married... I mean, obviously a good attitude to have a few days into an engagement. Obviously.

Thankfully, my take out arrived at that exact moment and I was able to escape. As I was driving home, I realized it's less than a month and I will have been married for two years. TWO YEARS people. When did that happen?

*I'm still having fun.