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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Published by cck at 3:34 PM

Oh, and Katie Cali asked me to finish up my impressions of Inauguration - which was like, so six months ago.

I watched at my desk, cried when it happened (cringed when the whole swearing in thing didn't go as planned). I think the biggest difference has been in the past six months.

I'm not scared to turn on my news. Which, in some way is a bad thing - I mean, I feel much more confident in current leadership. I'm almost not as wary. Perhaps I should be. I hate when I hear people talk about Obama like he's not our president. As if he's just some guy - and not the leader of the Free World.

I like that he's making friends - and I like that they're not all Western European. I think there's been a learning curve - duh. The bow to the Saudis: stupid. The gift to the Queen: pathetic. But overall - comparing those slip ups to the massive inadequacies of current Republican leadership doesn't work for me.

It's still early. I'm still excited. And I haven't removed my Obama bumper sticker.