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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Published by cck at 3:27 PM

Y'all, it's summer. Like 90-something-degrees-before-noon-summer. And it's just plain old wonderful.

Perhaps because I fell in love my husband during one hot rushed summer, it's sort of a favorite around here. It could be the heat. I remember a class I had in college that tried to dispel the myth of the lazy southerner. Apparently, because it's so hot folks just slowed down. It wasn't lazy, it was survival.

We've got big plans this summer - a week at Disney for a conference, travel to NYC in July (and OMG, we're going to Central Park to hear the Philharmonic and I cannot stand how romantic that sounds), and at some point some beach time. I've been on accutane (oh the joys of a second round) since November of last year and I am ready for some aging and damaging UV rays.

And, the biggie - we got a recliner couch. Not exactly my style but man-oh-man, K. is so excited. It finally came in Saturday and we haven't moved that far from it. It's lovely. I feel bad I ever disparaged it.