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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Highly Obvious.

Published by cck at 11:11 AM

Last night I had a very active dream.  I dream every night, but I rarely remember them in the morning.  Even when I want to catch an interesting dream, it's gone -- poof!

Last night I had a dream where K. and I were running a marathon, up a mountain that never seemed to crest.  We were waiting on bar results.  We'd keep running and he'd remember his bar number and I'd check the website to see if he passed.  It's amazing I could run and check a website all at the same time.  He'd pass!  Yeah!  We'd high five, and then he'd remember that his number was 12345, it was 54321.

I'd check that number and we'd be victorious again!  This pattern repeated the entire dream.

Um, yeah - I'm pretty sure it's easy to figure out what's on my mind.  Bar results are available tomorrow.  TOMORROW.  MONDAY.  sigh.  And we're both trying not to be too nervous.  That's like saying, hey dude - you're going to win a million dollars tomorrow, but hey, play it cool!  Ha.  Obviously you don't know me at all.

In other news, I did order a dress from (this one) - and it's on its way from China as we speak.  It better get here before Thursday.  Let's hope!