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Sunday, May 28, 2006

I loved this story. Yes, I cried too.

Published by cck at 10:48 AM

Today's Metro section from The State has a fabulous story. Read it here.

A solidier returns from Iraq to see his sister graduate high school. It just hits ya, right there.

It's Memorial Day Weekend. And I think of all the solidiers who are away from their families and loved ones at the start of the summer. I think of all the soldiers who will never return to their families and loved ones, who will never enjoy another summer.

We all have different opinions about the War on Terror. I personally think there's a great difference between the War on Terror and the Mistake in Iraq, but I think we all guessed that. I'm almost without words. The mistakes we have made in the past four years will resonate for generations to come.

The mid-term elections are coming up -- watching the news shows this morning, all the pundits keep mentioning that there's this monumental election around the corner. Thank God. It's time for a new perspective. It's time for new leaders. It's time to dismantle what the Republicans have done and begin to repair the damage to American lives.