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Monday, May 22, 2006

Me & KCali...

Published by cck at 3:47 AM

Spent a great deal of the afternoon on the phone. The girl shouldn't be in the sun, but was gloriously lolling about by her pool in StL... I, having spent the day before (read: Saturday) in the sun on the lake, was working diligently from my living room.

Well, we decided we needed a vacation. Neither of us have been on a real vacation in years. She, as a hardworking student, and me, as a poor N4P gal, had missed the opportunity for vacation. We both realized we desperately needed some beach time.

Of course, between the weddings and Miss California's upcoming move, the summer is rather booked up. So, we've decided to make a Labor Day - Last Days of Summer - visit to the 'Bama shore.

We found the perfect condo and even entertained the idea of inviting some respective favorites. We shall see. I'm already excited.