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Monday, March 26, 2007

Most Incredible.

Published by cck at 9:43 AM

It was a most incredible weekend. My fiance and I traveled to see my aunt get hitched. It was gorgeous.

When I arrived at the mountain lodge and went to see her before the ceremony - I was breathless. My beautiful aunt: the wise, challenging, supportive, enlightening woman I knew... She was a bride. She wore flowers in her hair and I swear, she looked nineteen. And twenty-five, and thirty-two and forty-nine -- and all that she had ever been. She was completely herself. It was unbelievably beautiful. She was in every detail.

She walked down the aisle with my grandmother - to my grandmother's favorite hymn. And I cried. Sitting next to me, Chris held my hand - we looked across the lake and listened to my aunt and her now husband saying vows that bound them together.

Whew -- and what a party! When your seventy-five year old great aunt kicks off her shoes to do the Charleston you know you're having a good time. Everyone was happy - beamingly happy. Watching Chris talk, share stories and laugh with my family -- it was a joy to behold.

Thanks McCormicks, it was an honor to be present at your wedding. And it was a joy to see such love.


durkin said...

You cried at a wedding, I guess I have to reconsider my opinion that the Krampster was the woman in your relationship.