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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I can't find it, but I believe her.

Published by cck at 6:52 AM

I talked a friend this weekend who giggled (who am I kidding, she cackled) when I told her I was nervous. She claims there's a quote - somewhere in this blog - that claims that I won't get stressed about this whole wedding thing that's happening in what - 68 or 67 days. Who was I kidding?

Dude. I am nervous. Not for one second about actually being married -- I would go to the courthouse this morning. I cannot wait to be married. But, all the details - all the tasks - all the projects ----- it's going to rot my brain.

And, just as a hint - and this could totally just be me, but if you (as a supportive person on the street or SPOTS, as it were) could just not tell me to relax, that would be greeeeeeeaaaaaat. You telling me, in your supportive way - or perhaps to just shut me up, to relax, only makes me more nervous. The pressure! What, I'm not supposed to be nervous? Really? Oh, okay - no prob. Snap!

Oh, and if I did this again -- as romantic as it is (and rather easy to remember) to plan a wedding on the day you met, the week after Session might not be the very best time.