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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rocky Marriage High

Published by cck at 5:05 PM

I'm not sure what I thought the first few months of marriage would be - most movies stop after the wedding. Or at least there's some silly montage after the wedding that ultimately (and quickly) ends in a nursery. TV sitcoms didn't leave me much to emulate... Who would we be?

There's a lot to marriage. I didn't quite realize how it would feel different. I feel so much more responsible. It's BIZARRE. I've never felt so responsible. And it's AWESOME.

So, we moved recently. First, let me tell you -- I am not a good mover. I don't enjoy it, don't look forward to it. My husband is not that good of a mover either... Case in point - he has boxes at (at least) three previous abodes. Dude.

So, when hauling some old furniture to the curb, I was informed that I moved furniture wrong... I quickly called a moving company. Talk about a rite of passage - oh my goodness. Meanwhile, half way through the three hour move (as the very strong men were moving our countless boxes and heavy-as-hell furniture up very steep stairs) my husband looked at me and said (wait for it), "Thank you. You were right: this was a good choice." HALLELUJAH!

Our house is darling. It's in the part of town I love, close to both our offices, and delightfully quirky. I'm having to be creative about my storage (dear Lord! did we get a lot of stuff for our wedding!), but I adore it. Plus, it's all ours.