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Monday, December 10, 2007

Effort x 2

Published by cck at 10:30 PM

I have trouble with Christmas. As a kid (heck, as a pre-teen), this season was my favorite time of year. Find me a kid who doesn't look forward to Silent Night and Santa Claus... It started with my Mom's birthday and continued with Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving which led to my Dad's birthday, Christmas, New Year's and my birthday. It was fantastic. Celebrations, happy times with family -- I loved it all.

Of course, Christmas turned into something different as I got older. There was never enough to please certain people and I'm not all that good with pressure. So, not to be a total downer, but this whole Chrissy-re-educates-herself-so-she-enjoys-Christmas-thing is tougher than I thought.

So, I am baking this Christmas, serious baking. We're talking truffles and biscotti and biscuits and flavored vodkas (the latest installment is ginger vodka to mix with fresh pear juice) and I'm sorta feeling the whole Christmas Spirit thing. And I'm enjoying it - I think. Presents are starting to appear below the tree and our house smells like evergreen thanks to a giant fresh wreath and I found my favorite pair of Christmas socks (a skiing santa).

Although all of this sort of makes me wish I was Jewish. I'd almost be done by now.