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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Roughly 28 Hours

Published by cck at 6:41 PM

Till 2008 - a new year. I suppose I've been paying too much attention to the TV today - as every channel seems to be doing a year in review.

My family had a lovely Christmas - it was beautiful weather down south, even a little chilly. Since we got grades back - and yes, he passed everything - it's been so much calmer here in our little tree-top house. I feel like I can finally take a breath. I can totally (totally) get through the next two months until the Bar Exam. Remind me of this later.

I got an iPod Nano. After admonishing my mother-in-law that I didn't want a big (or little, for that matter) Christmas gift, I am now so overjoyed with my little iPod. I've wanted one for so long... and now I feel like I belong in my generation.

I can't believe that this year is finally drawing to a close. As much as I'm ready to put 2007 to bed, and with as much hope as I have for 2008 - I can't help to pause: 2007 was HUGE. Dude, I got married.

I used to take offense when I heard women say that this was the biggest day of their life. In the moments leading up to and immediately after my wedding day I was let down. That? That was the biggest day of my life? Wowsahs, I have so much to look forward to. It was really huge. It was really great - and what it represents, that I stood in front of God and my family and friends and pledged to be joined to another human for the rest of my life. DUDE.

Unemployment has continued to plague my family. While Chris was figuring out his path and finishing school he didn't work. Which meant that from day 1 of married life - we've been a one-income household. He paid me the best compliment the other day -- he told me I could stretch a penny better than anyone he knew, better than he thought I'd be able to learn. Getting through the past seven months has been daunting, but each day I wake up - and see my life, I smile. January 15th can't get here fast enough!

My grandmother passed away - the woman who I had hoped to learn so many more things... I was greedy. Of course, I find myself saying things or acting in ways that are so purely my grami I cannot help but giggle. I give unsolicited advice and coo at babies, make sure my car has more than enough gas, squirrel away dollars in a re-used plastic container, I pray. She is all around me - us - and I still thank her for giving me the opportunity to experience all this. Sickness, grieving, grace.

I'm so thankful that I like my job - that it's giving me the opportunity to be smart and creative. I'm still trying to jump hurdles and overcome challenges, but I really enjoy what I do. I'm so glad that I've been able to provide for my family.

I have received so many blessings - and so much hardship - and so much joy this year. I cannot help but to hope for 2008. It will be fantastic - with its own mix of blessings, hardship and joys - with its own lessons and new experiences and opportunities. My best to you and yours - Happy New Year!