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Friday, December 14, 2007

So Poor, So Pitiful.

Published by cck at 7:39 AM

Last night, I got a comment on my blog (in response to my disgust with the humid weather in Tallahassee) that I was writing dribble - that I was sad, and pitiful.

WOW! That is like SO awesome! I swear, I now sort of identify with Dooce (she publishes her hater mail and it is hysterical!).

"I am sorry to have been alerted to review your blog. It is filled with such dribble and "poor me contments" I find it hard to believe that you still write such stuff. As if anyone cares how horrible your life was. You must work very hard at believing your own propaganda. Of course there is only you that believes your trite. poor you, so sad. so pitiful. "
a) the misspelling is totally his/hers
b) this totally beats the gay-hatemail I got, which was probably from one of my father's spurned lovers anyway.
c) Dude, you're sorry? ME TOO! Growing up with a borderline-personality mother is really the stuff good books are written about -- I need to start writing a book, not a blog! I would make a fortune. I could even have guest writers pen chapters - past friends and family explain their experiences with these crazy people! Oh my goodness, this is a great idea. THANKS!
d) I'm not the only one who believes Tallahassee is hot! Look at! That's why I put up the picture.

Anyway, that's my latest installment.
Whew, that felt incredible!

Thanks Simpsonville, South Carolina! What a great way to start the weekend!