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Sunday, July 20, 2008

So many things

Published by cck at 10:37 PM

pinging around in my head. I've been keeping a little notebook with things that strike me as funny or that I would like to tell you - dear Internets. Of course, I can't find the damn notebook - so here goes:

It's been a busy month already - I had my first trip to New York City. I'm almost embarrassed to write it. My first trips - to both Disney and to NYC in the same summer! I still can't believe it. We went to dinner at this nifty little place (Uva) and sat in the garden. We sat on the wall of Central Park and listened to Jon Bon Jovi.

Married life in year 2 is much better. It's like we had to figure stuff out first... This was our one weekend at home and we went to see Dark Knight. I did not want to go. There was an aversion that ran deep -- I've never seen any of the Batman movies. Go. Run. This was FANTASTIC. Deep and engaging and very very good. Next weekend we're traveling up north again, then Atlanta...

We went to church this morning. It was quite lovely. I'm not sure what's wrong with me - but I get all nervous about going to church. Once I'm there, I'm totally fine - it's the getting ready and walking in that freaks me out. My dear husband was quite perplexed. I had to explain to him that it will take a few months of regular attendance to help me shed the baptist guilt.

And that, that might be it. I'll try to not leave you so long. I have premenopause to tell you about!