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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Scrappy Kid

Published by cck at 11:32 AM

from Scranton. It should be a song - a jingle. I got the text at 6 am - unfortunately, the lull of tropical storm rain kept me asleep for four more hours. When I woke, K. gently informed me the choice had been made. Biden was the man.

I moaned. And not in a good way. Biden? Biden? Biden when you had Kaine and Bayh jumping like first graders with the right answer? BIDEN? As K. snickered over my meltdown, I spouted every conservative pundit's talking point -- he's too old. Obama's weak. Joe's the new Cheney. So, Obama feels a little inadequate in international affairs, huh? Beltway outsider? My right knee! The man only held a real job for 4 years!

So, I sat back for a few minutes and set the cable reminder for the announcement and hoped that the power would hold (Damn Fay!). I heard when Barack introduced Biden as the next president - I cringed. And really, I hold by my statement that the scrappy kid from Scranton blurb will not make it on a tshirt. But I started thinking about this choice - this decision - this engagement.

And, despite my initial reaction (which might have been skewed since I so wanted Mark Warner to rejoin the land of the political living), I'm really excited about Senator Biden. He's an incredible leader - and he talks like he's booked passage on the Straight Talk Express. Forget the cone of silence.

I'm likening this ticket to a relationship. When looking for a mate - you shouldn't fall in love with someone because they'll look good in prom photos. A strong relationship is founded on two people who recognize their strengths and weaknesses. If it's a good match, hopefully, the strengths and weaknesses compliment each other. I have no problem - on occasion - being the public relations manager for my husband. And, he's done it for me. He's protected me, defended me and helped me make good decisions. Isn't that what a partnership is? Whether it's marriage or business? Or gasp - politics?

So, if Biden helps shore up support among blue collar workers -- good. If Biden gives some folks more confidence on the foreign policy front - good. If Obama can help Biden curb that loquacious speech habit - GOOD. It's a good match - it's what a Pres/Veep ticket should be -- COMPLETE.