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Friday, August 29, 2008


Published by cck at 12:11 PM

So the veep is Palin. Maybe because McCain likes the updo?

K. can't stand it. He's giggling victoriously - women vote for women, right? Not if we do this right. First of all, women don't just vote for women. If that were true, my aunt - who is a fierce feminist (and unfortunately a Republican) would have voted for Hillary instead of Fred.

Hillary made sense for Democratic women - and probably some independents. But not Republican women. R-women hate Hillary. I would even bet that R-women are a little weirded out by a woman on the ticket period. I'm not talking about Republicans in New Jersey -- I'm talking about Republicans in Georgia, Tennessee and Montana.

Democratic women - if we do it right - understand that a vote for John McCain is a vote AGAINST a future for their daughters. Democratic women understand that having a good Democrat in office is more important than anything. A Repub-Gov from a state 97% of Americans haven't visited, let alone could identify the name of a city -- it won't instill the respect, fear or admiration that Clinton's run did. There's nothing historical about it - a) because we've had a woman veep before and b) because it makes as much sense as Log Cabin Republicans.

The acceptance speech last night was amazing. It went beyond liquid band-aid to heal wounds. We're fired up. We're ready - and Barack and Joe will be traveling the nation to inspire voters. McCain doesn't have a chance - his veep choice is meaningless. Eight years of poor leadership and mismanagement is enough. More than enough.

Three updates:
1) From Katie Cali via Wikipedia: Palin's family "were avid outdoors enthusiasts; Sarah and her father would sometimes wake at 3 a.m. to hunt moose before school, and the family regularly ran 5 km and 10 km races.[3]" Who does that?
2) From Karen Thurman & the Florida Democratic Party: "She's no Hillary Clinton. She's Dan Quayle in a dress."
3) Also from Karen Thurman -- Palin endorsed Buchanan. Pat Buchanan. Crazy Pat Buchanan.


Anonymous said...

I like your blog - just have a few thoughts to offer.

Maybe some Republican women hate Hillary, but many do not. Palin certainly does not. Republican women are not weirded out by a woman on the ticket. I'm not sure why you think they would be. They are ecstatic. It is historic because this is the first woman ever on a Republican ticket.

Women who feel disenfranchised by the Democratic party's mistreatment of Hillary may be drawn to the Republican party, because the Republicans have actually proven they value the contributions of women. Democrats say we do, but then pass over Hillary for the VP spot, when she should have been on the ticket. She earned it and the way she has been treated is wrong.

Obama chose the Washington white guy - a safe choice, but not one for change. McCain chose the right person. Like Hillary, this woman is exceptional; unlike Hillary, she is being recognized for it. When will the Democrats do this? This was Hillary's time. By not choosing her as VP, he rejected an unbelievable opportunity.

This is a total game-changer. Should be fun to watch.... will the issues rule or will emotions take over? Keep up the political blogs!

Anonymous said...

Clinton and Palin are exceptional. But neither one will be the winning candidate. Clinton was too extreme to win a national election - too polarizing.

Palin is too unknown and too extreme to win.

I don't need a woman to be on the ticket to feel that I am being "listened to" as a woman. I do, however, need to know that my interests are being taken care - of that my unique needs will be protected. Palin doesn't do it. More importantly, neither does McCain.