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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

He got Diet Coke!

Published by cck at 7:54 AM

When MSS picked me up at National (for some reason I refuse to call it Reagan), there was a twelve-pack of DC in the back of his vehicle. Thanks Little Brother. I think I drank more than half of it over the weekend. In return for his consideration of my habit - I got him that --> (Yes, it's an inside joke).
What a weekend!
We stayed up late on Friday/Saturday Morning (my plane didn't arrive to DC until 12:31 AM) and watched movies and caught up. His apartment is fabulous. His roommate, PB, is a great guy - I'm glad MSS has someone so nice to live with. They're hysterical together.
Saturday, MSS and I got the brilliant idea to rent a car. (What a perk to being 25!) We finagled ourselves into an SUV for the weekend from the local Enterprise dealer. Um, yeah - having never driven myself in DC - it was quite an experience to make my way into Georgetown. I ended up somewhere on Dupont Circle until I figured out how to find M Street.
Once I did, however, was I pleased! Yeah, shopping in Charlotte is nice - and even trekking to ATL has its advantages (more on that later), but M Street is a Mecca. It's fabulous. I took my time visiting shop to shop - found a great paperie - fell in love with Anthropologie (new jeans - size smaller than I usually wear - Hallelujah!) and H&M (whole new going out wardrobe), etc etc etc. Good times.
MSS got off early from Training, so we went to IKEA in Woodbridge, where it started snowing. My little brother was sick, so we opted to get some burgers and head home to watch some movies instead of going out. Yeah, that didn't happen. We ended up at a place around the corner - and OMG - it was a Country Western Bar. Dear LORD!
Had a great time two-stepping with MSS's friends. We closed the place. Pictures - hysterical. I'm just still so relieved we didn't go to a club...
Sunday we took the Metro in to town and went to the Hirschorn and the National Air & Space Museum. There's a wall of planes at Air & Space -- MSS can name any and all of them. I was so impressed.
I hated that I had to leave. It was so incredibly good to see my brother. He's my one and only sibling - my truest best friend - and he was a spectacular host. Thanks to M&D for the ticket. Great gift.
Thanks MSS - you are a good brother; the best one I've got. And it was funtimes hanging out with you. Thanks.