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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

After the Weeds.

Published by cck at 10:31 PM

So no lie, I've been in the weeds. Luckily, here in Florida, the weeds have started to look like big, bright blooms.

My husband turned 30 over the weekend. We went down to the beach, ate oysters, made out like teenagers under the stars, flew a kite, and got wicked sunburns. It was perfect. I think I've finally figured out the delicate balance of doing enough to appease my sense of responsibility and not doing so much that it overwhelms the whole event.

K. is back home, and no matter how many times I printed out dissolution of marriage papers, I am glad he is back home. Nearly three years ago I started to believe my word was worth keeping. And I pledged to stay with my husband. Who knew I'd really keep my promise? Who knew that my on-the-side-of-scary-smart husband would have problems walking among mortals? We're all glad he keeps trying.

And the best part about it - we got through it. It was hard, but we're getting through it. It is hard, and it's worth it. How's that for a dialectic?