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Monday, April 17, 2006

I've always loved the color Pink.

Published by cck at 8:06 AM

The Washington Post is jumping on the "I'm not impressed with Republicans" bandwagon as well. In today's editorial by Richard Morin, Pink is the New Red, red states - once confirmed hotbeds of Republican activism, are starting to pale. I'm not sure they're ripening to blue quite yet, but I am sure that this President's inability to lead effectively will increase the chances of leaders who can.

I read somewhere that Democrats don't have a cohesive plan - we've been an opposition party for the past six year and that's all we've shaped up to be. Partially right -- but how could we sit by and not be an opposition party? When the President consistently makes bad bad bad decisions for the future of this nation - how could Democrats not raise their arms in protest?

And what do we see now, more and more conservatives are also begining to raise their hands to question the activities and mismanagement of the current administration. It's about damn time.


Mike Reino said...

Nothing is wrong with being the party of protest, but the hard part is to say what you would do. That is where the Democrats are failing miserably. Put something concrete together, and the Dems might get somewhere.