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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Random Saturday Thoughts...

Published by cck at 8:32 PM

I'm sitting at Greenville Memorial Hospital on a gloomy Saturday afternoon. Lovely. My father, the illustrious daddio - man of Pimp Songs and Shoes - fell off his boat and fractured his back. I swear, I should have my own parking space at GHS - or more appropriately, my amazing mother should have complimentary valet service. Regardless, it is bizarre to be here. He'll be okay, just out of commission for a while. So, like, no dancing at the Clyburn Fish Fry. (Last year he cut a rug - I think he even danced with Gilda).

So, that brings me back to my week. Long and weird for sure. I have decided, in my spare time (heh!), to redesign this site. Since I now have the tools, and am surrounded by the brains, to do so - I think it's time to take M&MDC a step forward. Any ideas? Any suggestions of what you'd like to see?