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Sunday, April 02, 2006

WaPo on the Prez.

Published by cck at 10:51 AM

I'm sitting at Cool Beans, drinking my second cup of coffee, perusing my favorite newspapers. Usually on Sunday I try to read them in paper, versus virtually. Today, however, I'm blaming the time change for messing with my schedule.

So. I'm reading the Washington Post and I see this as the headline - The President as Average Joe : Trying to boost support, Bush lets down guard and plays up anti-intellectual, regular-guy image.

Does Bush really need to play up an anti-intellectual image? I mean, seriously. C'mon. I don't think the people of this fine nation are scratching their heads, thinking, "I would really like that President, but he's too darn intelligent." Strategery, people, strategery.

The Let-Bush-Be-Bush strategy might be refreshing, but bright it isn't. It is, as the Post suggests, a last ditch attempt to salvage a failing presidency. Bush can traverse this nation - he can hold town hall meeting upon town hall meeting - he can make jokes with the press corps and imitate French accents --- but he cannot return the thousands of lives that he has sacrificed. He cannot turn back time and his bad decisions. He cannnot repair this economy. He cannot return a nation's trust.