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Sunday, February 18, 2007

SC: Tell Florida to kiss your Palmetto Tree.

Published by cck at 2:06 PM

Dear Florida --

I realize you want to have an early primary. It brings a lot of attention to your state - your leaders get to rub shoulders with would-be-presidents. Heck, who doesn't want to play a part in choosing a national candidate?

However, shove off.


Florida's political parties are having a shoving match with South Carolina. Both the Dems and the R's want to have early primaries -- before South Carolina's. I get that Florida is a big and bad state with a lot of electoral votes. And there is a lot more diversity here in Florida than anywhere in the South. Period.

But, if you take away South Carolina's early primary you negate the South's impact on the general election. Not only is not good for message, it's not good for the very folks you're courting. You want a southerner's vote? You need to come visit.

And for the love of God, Florida is not the South. Not even the southern parts of Florida (meaning North Florida) are Southern. It's close -- it's darn close, but it's not the South.

Plus, Florida, do you really think it's a good idea for candidates to waste money in high-priced media markets when they could be advertising in Greenville? Seriously?

Florida already gets tons of attention from potential nominees and then, nominees. Y'all already get the opportunity to have a bigger say in the election than any other Southern State. And, I hate to say it -- but what makes you think you can even handle this? You guys couldn't even get it together to defeat Bush! Why should we reward you by having an early primary???


Anonymous said...

aren't YOU a floridian now?

CCS said...

Whoa, let's not get crazy! :) Yeah, I'm a Floridian - meaning I live here and vote here and pay taxes here... And am getting married here and plan to raise a family here and... But, um - it's hard to shake that whole South Carolinian thing. Especially when we're talking about politics.

And in this instance, above all else, I'm a Democrat. It's not okay for states to buck what the DNC says. Otherwise, why have a national organization at all?

And, I really do like my new state. I'm starting to get it - there are things here that didn't even dare to exist in South Carolina and I'm very happy about that. But, as far as this horse race issue goes, Florida can not and should not be allowed to make its own rules.

Sal said...

I wholeheartedly agree!!! I mean, South Carolina has a history of leading the South in the political arena (hi, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the early primary, et cetera, et cetera). Florida's claim to fame in the electoral arena is that it's the swing vote state (and p.s. the state where people are too obtuse to figure out how to vote properly, but that's a whole nother issue).
A girl may leave South Carolina, but the Palmetto State never leaves her!!! And p.s. Floridians, it's a PALMETTO!!!! NOT A PALM. Get it right, you're just making yourselves look even more foolish than when you started putting gel in guys' hair.