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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Published by cck at 9:29 PM

I was in Greenville all last week. And the Panera in Greenville closes at 9 pm, which does not allow enough time to check both work email and blog.

My grandmother is sick. She's dying -- and, as she'll remind you, we're all dying. She has brain cancer and I've been trying to figure out how much a 6 cm tumor weighs.

The Hospice nurse (I will be praying for their strength until I'm no longer on this earth) said something that resonates... "People die the way they lived. If they lived in denial for thirty years, they'll die in denial. If they lived with spirit, they'll die with spirit."

Thus, she'll be the fighter, the loving supporter and the fascinating woman she's always been. And so far, she's proving me right.

I spent time with her -- and it was incredible. To use a word I use too much, precious. And that might be all I have to say about that. For now.