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Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Weekend.

Published by cck at 3:04 PM

This weekend has been busy. (And it's only a little after 3 pm).

I took a trip to Destin on Friday, went to dinner with my sister-in-law and fell asleep early. On Saturday, I bought my first piece of real furniture. And by that, I mean a piece of furniture that either: did not come in a box, come with a wood-colored marker or was picked out of the Goodwill Showroom.

None of those things are bad -- in fact, a new desk I bought at Target is much more than I expected. However, with Parent's Weekend approaching, I wanted something real. Lemme tell you -- Haverty's has a clearance room in the back! Overstocks and scratch/dent furniture seriously marked down. I am so excited! It arrives on Saturday.

I returned home to my husband only to discover that he was itching for a project. So, around 3:30 pm on Saturday we started to pull up our carpet. The living room was first, then the hall. I drew the line at the bedrooms or office. We refinished some floors.

So, now -- after renting a sander at Home Depot (, we're waiting for our gloss stuff to dry. Next weekend it's on for the rest of the house. I feel like I belong on TLC or Design to Sell.

And, I'm exhausted. :)