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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

26 Months

Published by cck at 9:15 PM

Not to get entirely too personal -- wait, who am I kidding?
So, today I had my Yearly appointment. And I had a great experience. (Which is saying A LOT).

It absolutely threw me -- the having a conversation with a doctor (a trained professional) about planning a family. And it wasn't in vain either; it wasn't solely about preventing. I cannot believe how it threw me.

This might not even make any sense, but all of a sudden I was planning for twenty-six months from now. Twenty-six months, which would make it November 2009 that I should be having a conversation with my husband about what could potentially happen in August of 2010. And how the heck I came up with twenty-six months is still a mystery.

Dear Lord. When did we become so adult?