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Monday, April 07, 2008

Martha-Stewart-On-Crack Weekend

Published by cck at 7:21 AM

Man -- I need to back to blogging. It's been so busy lately that my head just spins.

I had a weekend alone -- which was lovely. I enjoyed it - until the third night alone. And then I started to get antsy. I'm embarrassed. I should be able to go a week at least without wishing he could teleport home. That said, I delighted in Weird Single Girl behavior. I played and read and drank tea straight from the jug. I poked and plucked and did entirely too much laundry. I danced around the house with Sixty Minute Man blaring. It was goofy and I did enjoy myself.

So, I'm obsessed with curtains lately. Could be because I have a lot of windows. A lot of windows. Or perhaps because I'm obsessed with fabric? Both! I made roller shades and a box valance and the cutest cafe curtains (bedroom & dining room!). So cool -- and all basically no-sew. The roller shade one was the best: check out directions here and then take it to the next level here. I'll try to post some pictures if I ever get a camera (more on that later).