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Friday, April 18, 2008

One year later

Published by cck at 3:52 PM

I've been married almost a year. Almost a year - some days it feels like twenty years and some days it feels like twenty minutes. I'm ecstatic that we've made it. I wish more people talked about how difficult the first year was -- my Great Aunt Patty talks about it. I love to hear her story of how she married her husband because she couldn't make rent on her own.

It's been hard. Yeah. But, the good parts have been really good too. Standing next to my husband during some pretty big stuff. Watching Chris finish and get started all at the same time. Spending Saturday mornings getting bagels and reading newspapers. Ripping up carpeting and sanding down natural wood floors. Man, we've had such an interesting year. I've really had fun. It's pretty amazing.

One year later and I still really like spending time with him. Recently, I made a pretty big decision. That while I enjoy having a challenging career, I don't enjoy my life as much. After making this decision, I slept through the night for the first time in a year. The whole vibe in my house has changed. I think even the dog is calmer.

K. looked at me last week - and in all seriousness - told me he wants to start our family. And before you hyperventilate (which was my reaction), we're not thinking of anytime too soon. We've just run through the first part of getting through all the stress stuff -- I'm not about to add a baby to the mix. Yet. But, damn. When the man you love - the man you trust, admire, understand and treasure - tells you he wants to start a family with you it's a little difficult to not jump head-first into Babies r' Us mailing lists and lurking on the mommies-to-be message boards.

Remind me to stay in the moment.