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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The day I further my disgust of Kathie Lee

Published by cck at 8:33 AM

I watched Dooce today (seriously, I've been waiting since 8:30 am) and if there was any respect left for Kathie Lee Gifford it is completely gone.

The woman who made me giggle when I was home sick as a child is a dinosaur. I thought Heather was going to gag when Kathie Lee called her a lovely lady. I gagged when she said she didn't know how to use computers.

I'm sorry -- all you people who refuse to get comfortable with computers -- it's as if you refused to use a telephone. Or INDOOR TOILETS. Get over yourself. If you were 88 years old and it was 1998, you might be considered cute. At this point, you just look sort of sad.


worker bee said...

I recorded it and watched it last night. It was so irritating when she brought up the issue of safety and then totally cut off Dooce's response. I do not heart Kathie Lee.