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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Letting it all hang out...

Published by cck at 4:24 PM

Last night Chris and I watched Jon & Kate Plus Eight. Cute. Adorable. Funny. And man -- all those babies! Oh my goodness! I've been thinking about twins lately... One shot - one pregnancy - and yet two kiddos! Perfect! They can share a car!

Anyway, that's a lot of living in front of an unknown audience. And then Dooce talked about it -- how her daughter, Leta, might resent her because she blogged about their lives. The thing I appreciate is knowing I'm not alone.

Seriously -- knowing that Kate got pregnant even though she has pcos? It's fantastic. Reading A Little Pregnant or DINKS or Bipolar Lawyer Cook or Fussy or Smitten Kitchen? I am not alone. Intellectually, I knew I was never alone. But I don't know my neighbors names, and I don't think I'd feel the urge to discuss a recipe let alone the discuss the fact that I'm bipolar or that I'm finally maxing out my Roth IRA or that I'm reproductively-challenged.

I got a lot of flack from my estranged parents when I wrote simple things like how they weren't involved with wedding planning... (They weren't). It makes me laugh. I don't air dirty laundry on here -- but I do discuss the day to day and random stuff of my life. I love blogging and I love reading good blogs.

Keep it up people. I love what you do. Keep doing it please. I never know what I'm going to stumble across, what I'm going to learn, laugh at or feel. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I think I know this girl who is slightly crazy but the good kind of crazy. She's the one you'd like to talk to, to laugh with, to spend time with. She is creative and just plain "FUN!" She is genuine and the time I spent with her has left me with great memories. I'd love to have her as my daughter. So glad she is married and is deeply in love. JM a name you can't forget. Love ya!