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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Turkey Recap

Published by cck at 12:17 PM

My husband and I traveled down south for Thanksgiving. It was fantastic -- absolutely lovely to spend four days with our family. First, let's talk food... I actually got to help in the kitchen, which was pretty cool. I learned how to make Nana's stuffing, which according to the spouse was a make-it-or-break-it deal. If I couldn't make sausage stuffing, I'm pretty sure we'd be in couples counseling.

I like Thanksgiving. It's a big deal in my book - a major holiday. This was the first one I spent with a family that was not my family. And in doing so, I realized that my family was much bigger than I imagined.

Friday entailed sleeping in and a long boat ride. Nothing like fresh air and sunshine to follow a huge meal. I wish I'd brought my camera. K. and I sat in the front of the boat, snuggled up against the cold wind. I had a long and meaningful conversation with my mother-in-law. The more time I spend with them, the more I feel the knots of family tension (my own baggage) unwind, unfurl, ease. The more time I spend with myself, I become who I am.

Ohmygoodness, and the pies! I made dutch apple (passed down from my great-great-grandmother), pumpkin and cherry. Yes, I'm domestic. Dude - my motto is if you're going to eat pie it should be really good pie.