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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Little Lost Angel

Published by cck at 2:02 PM

One of the many things I miss being estranged from my immediate family is the holiday stuff. No, not opening presents or swilling eggnog, but the very things that help to dress up the holiday itself. The handmade Thanksgiving runner? The kissing Mr and Mrs Claus? The large coffee table book with no words? Yes. Those things.

I hate to admit I miss these things more than I miss my parents, but let's face it - the book Santa Mouse never caused the level of tension in my house that they did. I miss my ornaments, the ones that I always claimed - the ones half-broken with my name scrawled on the bottom. I miss the special dishes and tins, the way certain things were celebrated - unique to my family and my family alone.

I ran across a small used book - the The Little Lost Angel. I remember it so well. I can remember the feel of it under my fingertips. I decided it was my Christmas gift to myself. (Well worth the $4).


Liz said...

This was such a touching post, sad and touching.